Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Clovine was discharged from hospital on 7 december.
So from that day onwards, both hubby & I did not have enough of Zzzzs.
She sleeps all the time in the day & creates havoc at night! Keep dont want to sleep sials!
Poor hubby has to wake up every night to take care of her despite working in the day.
I wanted to wake up but just couldn't drag myself out of bed. Ok I feel so bad ;X

Previously was so fed up that I wanted to give up breastfeeding cos' the leaking was so bad that I'll always wake up with my whole shirt wet with my breastmilk. & it was just too tiring to pump
every few hours even in the night. So, i stopped pumping a few days & my supply got cut down. Now I wanted to breastfeed back but my supply is like only 90ml the most! Can anyone teach me how to increase back the milk supply? I think I should just persevere for till she's 2 months old than I'll stop.

As for my confinement, for the first week, I went to the hospital everyday to visit Clovine. One of the rules broke. Another thing was I actually showered & wash hair on the 5th day :/ & also drank slips of cold drinks since around day 10 ;/ Oh & I kept going bringing Clovine out to the polyclinic for her jaundice review & finally on monday was her last visit back for her juandice review.

Went to orchard yesterday night to look for hubby after her work without Clovine. Its been so long since we last went out shopping alone. Feel kinda like the first time out, abit awkward. Lol. & feels kinda of weird without a big stomach/Clovine along. After not shopping for nearly half a year, I realised the clothes are so not my style already! Nothing really catches my eye. Went taka & bought a polar bear soft toy for Clovine! Damn cute & soft! But think wait till she's older than let her play. For now, its mine :P

I've gained a total of 30kg during my pregnancy! Damn it. Should not have eaten so much lor. But for now, I managed to shed of 15kg & 10inches. Another 12kg more & 6/7inches more to my pre-preg weight & waistline. But I still can't wear any of my pre-preg shorts! So damn sad! Hopefully before February I'll manage to shed off all of the fats!

Another 9 more days to Clovine's full-month celebration! Can't wait! It'll be held at Bottle Tree Park (Khatib) on 1st January 2011! What a nice way to start off the new year 2011! :D Hopefully by then I'll shed off another few more kgs :) & Hubby's family will be coming down to Singapore from Ipoh on 30th for Clovine's full month & they'll be staying at my house. Seriously, I'm kinda of nervous & scared that my in-laws are coming even though its not the first time seeing them. Probably cos' I'm afraid of naggings or any disagreements in taking care of Clovine. Ok not that they are scary or what, they're really nice but you see I'm just scared. Hopefully it won't be so awkward ;/

& btw, Happy birthday to my dearest friend LIM YANNTORNG! So sorry I won't be able to celebrate your birthday for you this year. Maybe I'll treat you to a meal next month? :) Thanks for always being there for me. Though we quarrel but we always made up really fast! Haha. Anyway, Love you so much! :D


"Look at me! I know kung-fu!"

Looks innocent but so not when crying!
Next update will be Clovine's Full month celebration. Stay tuned :)
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday My dearest Hubby!


Just a simple day spent with hubby today as I can't go out for too long & Clovine is still below one month also.
Surprised him with a strawberry cheesecake baked by myself & a Agnes.B T-shirt which I asked yanntorng to help me buy :)
Went out to Northpoint a little while with Clovine before bringing her to polyclinic for her juandice review.
Dinner at AMK hub's Dian Xiao Er with my parents for his birthday :)
Feel so bad that day. Like theres nothing I could do to celebrate his birthday & its like a normal day. Still remember we went picnic during his last birthday. So fun :)

Hubby now you must used to celebrating birthday every year ok? I will definitely celebrate your birthday for you every year with our cute little daughter :)
So you must look forward to every birthday from now onwards. Love you very very much! :D

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Birth story of Clovine.

Clovine Wong Zi Xuan, 黄紫绚 -

On 30 November at 8 plus, was feeling slight cramps on and off. Didn't think it was contractions as I didn't know how it really feels plus Clovine kept giving me false alarms so didn't think much. Pain continued and slowly my lower back and the area around my private parts started to get really crampy. Timed  the contractions and it was around 6-7mins apart. Observed till like 1am plus but pain did not go away. Was asking mummies for help to make sure if what I'm feeling was contractions and they advised me to go to the hospital. Still I was unsure if I was really in labour as we made a wasted trip down previously and I did not want another wasted trip. In the end hubby decided to drive me over to the hospital lots of consideration.

Reached hospital around 2am, nurse checked my cervix and I was already dilated 4cm! Was very shocked because I expected the pain to be really intense when I've dilated so much but glad it was still tolerable for me. Was admitted and directed to labour ward at 2.30am. Got to relax in the room with hubby while watching tv and him playing with the Itouch for more than an hour. At that time I still can't believe I was going to give birth already. Lol.

3.30am, pain contractions got more intense and by 4.30 it was unbearable already! Requested for laughing gas and kept on sniffing it. Read from blogs that sniffing when contractions come would help alot. Pain got more and more unbearable and I was starting to scream! Hubby kept asking me to take epidural since I really can't tolerate. But I was determined not to! Was kinda tempted after awhile but when nurse checked my cervix, it was around 7cm already. So decided to count on sniffing the gas for pain relief. Hubby super poor thing as I kept on grabbing his arms and chest. Lol I even stained his white shirt with my blood! So advice for the other mummies to be, ask your partners to wear dark coloured shirt on your delivery day. Haha! Hubby was pressing the laughing gas mask down on my face forcing me to keep breathing it so all the way I was on the mask! But also thanks to him I managed to numb the pain :)

At around 5 plus, the pain got super unbearable. Got the feeling of wanting to shit but cannot shit like I had constipation for years! The feeling was so unbearable! Nurse said that baby's head coming out that's why will have the shit feeling. At that time super feel like pushing alrdy. 6am nurse checked cervix was around 9cm. So she started preparing those things. Kept asking her how long more how long more. Than was asked to push whenever I felt contractions. The feeling was like constipation for months like that! After a few push I was getting strength-less! Heard hubby say I even tried to close my legs when the baby's head was halfway out and stopped pushing already! Scared him and the nurse till she kept calling for SOS. Lol. I was strength-less and dizzy till I don't know what I was doing thanks to the laughing gas. In the end gave a few push and I heard Clovine's cry!!!! The sound was so damn adorable I swear!

There's also one thing, I was pretty sure of that Clovine was out at around 6.20 plus am but the nurse actually wrote 6.45am!!! Even hubby said so! Was kinda feeling kinda annoyed with the inaccurate timing After that I totally lie on the bed feeling super dizzy while waiting for the doctor to come sew my wound. Waited for more than an hour! Which made me super annoyed and frustrated! The waiting time already made my body "un-numb" so when the doctor tried inject anesthetic below, it was so damn painful! In the end I had to request for laughing gas throughout the process! What's worst is I think the wound was not sewn properly because the wound still hurt even after a week! I couldn't even walk or sit down properly even after I was discharged! The pain was so bad even after a week that I had no choice but to make a visit to the 24 hours clinic in the wee hours. Ended up it was an infection which doctor said it's because I did not wash it propery when I wash it like few times a day! Well I guessed the reason I had fever right after I delivered was also due to the infection. The fever also resulted in me not being able to breastfeed Clovine right away.

Thank goodness I was able to go through delivery without epidural and it was a really fast delivery which took like only 4 hours! Was discharged the next day after delivery but Clovine is still in the hospital as her jaundice level is too high! Hopefully she'll be able to come home with us later. Have been going to the hospital everyday to visit and pump milk for her. She's so chubby! Initially she was put under antibiotics with needles poked in her tiny hands. The sight of the needles poking into her was so heart wrenching that it made me cry.

Really grateful to those who came and vist me. Thank you Yanntorng and Yeexin for the hello kitty jacket they bought for Clovine which she'll only be able to wear when she's 3-4 years old -.-" and the sunflower!

Most importantly, I'm really grateful to my beloved hubby for being there for me throughout the whole pregnancy and delivery. Always giving in to me and never once complained, treating me like a queen and also planting kisses on my lips and tummy every single day! I Love you so much hubby. Thank you for every thing! I'll do my best to be a good wife to you and good mummy to Clovine.

Heavy Baby! All the nurses kept saying hot Chubby she is!
Well it's also thanks to the supper and Mcdonald meals I had almost every night with hubby!
Can't imagine how much more heavy she'll be if I hadn't stop having mcdonalds one month before she was born!

Daddy feeding little Clovine for the first time!

I believe he'll be a really good daddy to Clovine!

The gifts from yanntorng and yeexin aunties!

The gift pack from KK hospital!
Clovine's Bed :D

Clovine's beansprout pillow hand-sewn by myself!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello I'm Clovine Wong!

I'm finally out on 1st December 2010 this morning at 6.25am weighing at 3925g! Mummy gave birth to me naturally without epidural! ;D

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Monday, November 15, 2010


Baby'Clovine is already full term & turning 38 weeks this Thursday!
But it seems like she really likes it in my tummy & refuses to come out ;(
Even though she's already down, she still dances, wriggles & kicks around happily with no intention of coming out.
I can't wait for her to be out & the pain to come during midnight cos I feel that it's kinda of fun to go in the midnight. Haha!
But at the same time I'm getting kinda of scared ;x
So hopefully the next time I'm back to update, my post will be filled with Baby'Clovine cute pictures! ;D

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

4th November'10

4th November is the date where Baby'Clovine turns full term!
Each time I mention 4th Nov to her, baby'clovine would start kicking & gets super excited! Tried out a few times already. Sibei cute!
Now I don't mind even if she doesn't comes out during December alrdy as long as she's healthy anytime is alright with me :)
& if she really comes out on the 4th, means can help hubby celebrate his birthday first time with our precious! Secondly, I'm getting more & more excited each day to her arrival!
Means we also have to buy most of the things before nov already. Can't wait for baby fair toos! :D

Baby'Clovine will be 30 weeks tmrws! Finally hit the "3" alrdy! How time flies :)
Omg! Omg! 6 to 10 weeks more to see this beautiful world! Hopefully I can go through delivery without taking epidural :D

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just married :)

On 15 September 2010,
The day where two persons became one


Yesterday was the day where Hubby and I bid farewell to singlehood.
We registered our marriage at ROM & now we're officially Husband & wife.
Its such a relief that everything is finally settled & now we only have to wait for Baby'Clovine's arrival. I seriously can't wait already & I have the feeling she'll most probably come out before her due date which is on 2 December. But I still wish that she will only come out during december :(

Dearest Nic Wong Hou Yen,

I'll love you no matter what. Stick with you no matter how tough life would
become. I'm really very grateful that we've met each other. You're the only one
that can make me fall in love with you over & over again. Thank you for
staying by my side all along, tolerating my temper, giving in to me all the time
& giving me so much love & care. You give your best at work so
as to provide for us without ever complaining. You never fail to give
kisses to me & my tummy every single morning, you're the sweetest guy
I've ever known. I know how much you've done for us & I will learn to
be your great wife & mummy to little baby.

I love you my Husband

Went for my monthly checkup today & saw Baby'Clovine!
She has a really big tummy! Chubby little girl! She's also very playful too! Keep turning around & can't stop playing with her bubbles! Doctor also says she's a little bigger than the average size babies. Ok! I gotta to start eating lesser if not I'm going to suffer during labour.
Got so many bottles of medications today!
& I'm so happy my glucose test has passed which means I'm not diabetic! Whooohoooooos~!
Oh & the glucose drink sibei power! So damn sweet that I super feel like puking out.

Lots of medicine ;/

The big framed one hanged in my room :)

Here are some of the wedding photos :)
*(Click to enlarge)

Our wedding bands from Citigems :)
At ROM :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I ♥ my Family :)

Nothing is more important than family
After this week, my busy days will be over!
Just went down to ROM to choose my registration date & is confirmed to be on 15 September 2010 at 4pm :D
I've also gotten my wedding album pictures & I'll post them up soon.
This Thursday will be going for my monthly check-up, detailed scanning & glucose test at KK. Must reach damn early at 8.30am & most probably will be there till late afternoon liao ;(
But on a brighter side, I finally get to see Baby'Clovine & how much she has grown :D
Recently have been doing many many bows & ribbons to sell.
But sadly, nobody has bought from me yet :(
If you're interested can take a look & than contact me :)

Most probably will be going the Baby fair at JB's expo this weekend to get great bargains. Hopefully the things there are cheaper than SG. Can't wait to get my corn with margerine & sweetened milk ^^

My readers has decreased alot alot cos' of lack of updates. But I promise to update alot more often after Baby'Clovine is born as I've nothing much to update this few months.
Do check back often alright :D

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do me a favour :)

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Thank you very much people!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

98 more days to go :D

BabyClovine is 26 weeks today! So another 14 more weeks to go & hopefully she does not decide to come out before the due date :)
My eye is super duper swollen now because of the "yen zhen".

Damn sian lor. Its been the third time i got it ever since I got pregnant. Too heaty liao.
So I'm forcing myself to drink more than 2 bottles of 1.5 litres of water everyday.
Hopefully it does not get any bigger & faster go away!

Nowadays keep nua at home doing nothing. Only go out on weekends when hubby is not working. So I'm like freaking bored every single day.
Nothing to do, no need to work just eat, sleep & watch tv. Like taitai. Sounds fortunate but I dont like! So borinnnnnngggggggggggg at home!!!

I can't wait till Baby's full month! Most probably will be held at Bottle Tree Park! Hehe so cool lor! & there'll be many many presents! I know they're Clovine's but still I can get to play with it what! HAHA!

This baby is so damn cute!!!

& this mat is so cute too! So gonna get it for Clovine :D

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

♥ Clovine Wong

Went Taka baby fair last saturday. Spent over 600 bucks there!
Bought a few booties, Avent single electronic breast pump & accessories, Milk bottle & Baby's bed :)
Alot of great deals & freebies! Got a free riding toy as we spent over 500. Damn big but baby can only play when she's 1 years old. Lucky got delivery if not dont know how Hubby is going to carry home. Haha!
Now only left stroller, pampers & other small stuffs to buy for baby :)
Will get it during the expo baby fair in october.
Hopefully Babyyellow wont come out one month early if not cant go the fair liao. Hope she comes out 2 weeks later than same as hubby's birthday can celebrate tgt. Haha!
Can only see Babyyellow next month cos this months appointment got no scanning :(

Finally chosen a name for Babyyellow.
She shall be named Clovine Wong. As for chinese name, will be chosen by mil :)
Nic + Love = Clovine :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

Past, Present, Future.

I miss,

1. My long hair...


2. My slim body & my smaller breast (LOL)...

3. Going on dates...

Kitty Lab 2009.


Hubby's birthday.

Vday & my birthday.

4. Clique gatherings...

Ipoh trip.

Haw Paw Villa.

National Day.


My birthday chalet.
5. Late night outs...

6. School, school events...

Racial Harmony.

Prom night.
I love,

1. Waking up to hubby's kisses every morning now.
2. How my family bonds & gotten closer now.
3. Feeling babyyellow squirling around in my tummy now.
4. Eating whatever I feel like eating now without feeling guilty now.
5. How hubby likes playing with my tummy & using the stretchmarks cream to draw faces on my tummy.

I can't wait,

1. Babyyellow's arrival into this beautiful world :)
2. To slim down after birth and go shopping for pretty clothes again :)
3. For clique to finish their exams so we could finally have time for one another :)
4. Babyyellow's full month celebration :)
5. To take a family photo with Hubby & our precious little one :)
6. To have my own house :)