Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh my! Oh my!

I'm like super super excited bout tmrws that I think I can't sleep tonight! Before leaving for Ipoh tmrw night, hubby & me are going to make pretty & yummy cupcakes!
Yippppppppppeeeeeeee! Promise there'll be lots of pictures alright?
Stay tuned! :DD

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super duper excited!

I'll be posting here from now on as I forgotten my password for my onsugar.
That's why I havent been updating on
How dumb can I be.

In bout' 1 day time, I'm gonna go shopping with hubby!
In bout' 2 days time, I'll be off to Ipoh with hubby & friends!
In bout' 1 week time, I'll be at my birthday chalet. Celebrating in advance due to CNY on my actual birthday.
In bout' 2 weeks time, I'm gonna turn 17.
I'm so excited bout' my birthday this year cos' on 14 February, its Valentines day, its Chinese New Year day 1 & my birthday!
My first valentine's day & birthday with Hubby & I know it'll be the best!

So many events coming up, theres no reason I wouldn't be excited :D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Love Sandy Forever..together with u till forever

Our Sweet Photo:)

Baby i love u:)thanks for by my side...

Promise Hubby Must Take Care Yourself:)

Love You Ohs:)muacks:)