Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love ♥

Seriously I have nothing to post about because all I do everyday is rot at home.
Everyone is at school & even though hubby came over everyday, he still has to go work after that :(
So bored! I want to find a job but I'm lazy to work. How how?
Instead of saving money, I'm spending even more at home doing online shopping -.-"
Am waiting for NYP & RP replies to my DAE application. Hope I get in cos' I really dont want go ITE! D;
Yanntorng faster make yourself free so we can go poly and work as surveyors again!

BTW, Thanks clique for the watch. I love it even though its not pink :X
But I don't know who chipped in the money cos' nobody let me know.
Guess it includes 7 seven drawfs & snow white, weihao :)
Thanks Reni & vivian for your hello kittys' presents :)
Thanks mummy & daddy for sponser-ing my chalet :)
Thanks all who came :)
& Thanks Hubby for planning such a wonderful birthday & valentines' day!

I truly love you guys! ()

Some pictures to share.

Hubby baked this cake for me. Such a sweety :)

Having hubby around me is the best & most beautiful thing thats ever happened to me :)
No words could say how important you are in my life.
& even billions of "I love you" is not enough to show how much I love you.
Thanks Hubby for coming into my life,
you've never failed showering me with lots of love & care ()

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happiest girl on earth!

Will update and post up pictures after I've resized them. This year's birthday, valentine's & chinese new year was the best & most meaningful one!
Thanks for all the wishes on facebook & msges everyone (:
Promise to update before next week alrights.
Hubby proposed to me on Valentine's Day which is also my birthday!
I'm so so so so Happy that I accepted his proposal!
Hubby I swear you're the best guy on earth & will also be the best husband!
I Love you! ()

Monday, February 1, 2010


We're back from Ipoh already ;(
Though we didn't shop much but its so much fun!
Hubby taught us how to ride motorcycles at night,
Played with Fire crackers, Fireworks,
Had hubby driving us around even though he's damn tired,
Went to play at Water park, Amusement park & Zoo.
But the most we did was Eat, Eat & Eat!
It was so relaxing over there, I really really don't want to come back already D;
Hubby when are we going back to play again? (: Seriously, I don't mind staying there already :D
Shall post up a few pictures to show you guys how much fun we had! Others photos will be posted up on Facebook cos' there're 200+++ photos! Cool~

Hubby's youngest sister. Looks exactly like him lor. Even the way they behave and talk. Hahs.
& Hubby driving the 3 of us on the motor. Cool!

Hao lian de Hubby :P

Maybe going back again with hubby during march or april! Seriously I can't wait cos' theres so much fun things to do :D
After spending so many days with hubby doing almost every thing together, I'm so used to him by my side :) So we decided to go malaysia tmrws and get married!