Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love ♥

Seriously I have nothing to post about because all I do everyday is rot at home.
Everyone is at school & even though hubby came over everyday, he still has to go work after that :(
So bored! I want to find a job but I'm lazy to work. How how?
Instead of saving money, I'm spending even more at home doing online shopping -.-"
Am waiting for NYP & RP replies to my DAE application. Hope I get in cos' I really dont want go ITE! D;
Yanntorng faster make yourself free so we can go poly and work as surveyors again!

BTW, Thanks clique for the watch. I love it even though its not pink :X
But I don't know who chipped in the money cos' nobody let me know.
Guess it includes 7 seven drawfs & snow white, weihao :)
Thanks Reni & vivian for your hello kittys' presents :)
Thanks mummy & daddy for sponser-ing my chalet :)
Thanks all who came :)
& Thanks Hubby for planning such a wonderful birthday & valentines' day!

I truly love you guys! ()

Some pictures to share.

Hubby baked this cake for me. Such a sweety :)

Having hubby around me is the best & most beautiful thing thats ever happened to me :)
No words could say how important you are in my life.
& even billions of "I love you" is not enough to show how much I love you.
Thanks Hubby for coming into my life,
you've never failed showering me with lots of love & care ()

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