Saturday, March 6, 2010


While I'm waiting for hubby to reach home, I'll update a little since I've got nothing to do.
Hubby Love bought me Fujifilm instax mini 25! Its a damn cool white polaroid camera that looks like this!
Cool to the max! But the films are expensive :/
So other than this, I bought myself loads of bags and clothes online & now I'm completely broke!
I need to find a job since I won't be schooling for a period of time.
Any jobs to intro to me? :)
Submitted a few resumes online but not reply from them. & my poly DAE results still not out! Roar~ Its taking too long! But still I hope my application is successful *Prays Hard* .
Fyi, I got into Bishan ITE (Event management) :(
I know its too late to regret, but still I'm not gonna just go in there. I'm planning to go for private diploma instead if my DAE application is unsuccessful.
Either MDIS (Travel, tourism & hospitality) or SIM (Business management)
Anybody has any suggestion of where I should go or which is better, please give me advices!
Thank you! :D

Just feel that hubby look so cute in this picture :D

Went sentosa with hubby on Wednesday. I'm not even tanned or have any burns.
& Luge is FUN! Even though its only two of us still I enjoyed it alot! :D

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