Monday, March 22, 2010

I'mmmm Boooorrrreeeeeddddd!

Since I'm so bored, I shall update my blog then (:
Went Bishan & played the new catch fishy machine jackpot last friday! Damn fun!
& we could have won the big stitch but hubby and I plyed away the tokens :(
After that went for sakae! We finished 16 plates which we broke our record 12 plates.
Was supposed to go marina barrage for picnic with clique on saturday.
But due to the same reasons again, it was cancelled. So, mummy drove us over to plaza sing (: While hubby went to work :(
& recently I went to cut hair short. Nice I like! But make my face look damn chubby ;X
I've lost interest in blogging so let the pictures do the talking (:

My polaroid cam! :D

Hubby's "catching" achievements :)

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