Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photoshoot yesterday at hort park and sentosa :D
Super tiring but overall it was great! Thanks yanntorng and yeexin for coming to help me!
Love you both! & thanks syahmi and zhenqiang for coming too :)
Have to wait for a few weeks before i can get the soft copy and album.
Will post them when i get it :D

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Everything is almost settled now just hope that the minister will Approve of our marriage. If everything is successful, our solemnisation will be on 4 august :)
Have to go down rom on Monday again to confirm some things and next will be councelling. Just hope that everything will be a success.
On 1 July, will be going kk hospital for check up hopefully by then we can get to know baby's gender and we can start shopping for things already :)
It's really cute to see hubby talking to my tummy everyday and giving him weird names every time -.-"
Thank god hubby is around to take care of me even in the middle of the night and when my vitamins are too big to swallow he'll help me bite them into half :)
He's definitely the best husband one can ever have and probably the best daddy :)
Should I scan my ultrasound photo of baby? I'm like too lazy to do anything.
All I do everyday is stay at home, sleep, eat, watch tv and nothing else. I don't know am I considered lucky or what.
Like ghost floating around aimlessly everyday -.-"

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