Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I want to update, I really do!

I have nothing to do at home. So, I try and find things to do. Like finding things to bling? Take out my Hello kitty schedule book to try & write anything I could think of? Or maybe dress up nicely at home and take pictures? Or go out!
But my left eye is swollen due to a small lump that has grown in my eye. Its like the second time already! & I swear I never peek at anyone!
So I have no choice but to stay at home till it disappears cos' I already look like a potato and I can't go out looking like a monster now.
Yes I admit I look like a potato now. So don't give any more comments like I'm FAT to remind me of my misery. In short, just Shutthefuckup!

TellmewhatIcandoathome ;(

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