Monday, July 26, 2010

XX chomosomes = Girl :D

A scanning of my wedding photo. It's a little blur cos I havent got back my soft copy yet so i just scanned the photo. Request to get the print out earlier so as to give hubby's parents when they come out from malaysia to attend the Special marriage license course last saturday. Will definitely post out the rest of the shots when I get the soft copy :)

Another busy week has passed :) Finally more relaxed from now on.
Went for Checkup at kk hopital on thursday. Did a full scan of babyyellow :) & finally found out that babyyellow is a Girl! :D
Omg I'm so damn happy lor. Cos' all along I'm hoping for a baby girl so that i could dress her up with all sorts of girly accessories & most important in PINK! ;D
During the ultrascan, Babyyellow was so naughty. The gynae wanted to check her heart & she purposely change direction and use her tiny arm to block gynae from scanning her heart. Hubby was also saying that babyyellow was blowing lots of bubbles. So cute! :)


Here's babyyellow blowing bubbles. 21 weeks.

On saturday, went for the special marriage license course. Overall was ok cos time passed very quickly. Than have to go for another one which is the last one on 7 aug.
Hopefully we can get the license and register our marriage :D
Went dinner at Granny's hse downstair. After that sent hubby's parents to take bus back to ipoh.

Went JB yesterday with hubby to settle his license converting thing but the place was closed. Oh btw hubby passed his driving test! Yay we go many places and buy baby's items without carrying home :D
Since the place was closed, went to city square but nothing to buy :(
But at least I get to eat my corn with sweetened milk and margerine! Yummy~
Theres this indian man who's crazy and so scary lor. He keep talking to himself on the bus scolding all sorts of vulgarities. Damn funny lor cos' he says he wanna fuck people's wives and suck his cock & all sorts lahs. -.-"

Bought this watch for mummy's birthday present. Abit early, but it was on discount. But it still cost me a bomb and now i'm broke :( Can't spend money on my own things or go out already.
Still its worth it for mummy :D
Most recent pictures of myself. Hehehehehes.

Anyone knows of blogshop selling cute baby items? Please let me know :D

I'm selling a brand new clip on hair extension in natural black. Its straight but you can curl it or straighten it cos its high quality high extension. Its 25 cm by 55cm.
If you're interested, Please mail me at
Price can be negociated :D

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