Thursday, August 26, 2010

98 more days to go :D

BabyClovine is 26 weeks today! So another 14 more weeks to go & hopefully she does not decide to come out before the due date :)
My eye is super duper swollen now because of the "yen zhen".

Damn sian lor. Its been the third time i got it ever since I got pregnant. Too heaty liao.
So I'm forcing myself to drink more than 2 bottles of 1.5 litres of water everyday.
Hopefully it does not get any bigger & faster go away!

Nowadays keep nua at home doing nothing. Only go out on weekends when hubby is not working. So I'm like freaking bored every single day.
Nothing to do, no need to work just eat, sleep & watch tv. Like taitai. Sounds fortunate but I dont like! So borinnnnnngggggggggggg at home!!!

I can't wait till Baby's full month! Most probably will be held at Bottle Tree Park! Hehe so cool lor! & there'll be many many presents! I know they're Clovine's but still I can get to play with it what! HAHA!

This baby is so damn cute!!!

& this mat is so cute too! So gonna get it for Clovine :D

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