Wednesday, August 11, 2010

♥ Clovine Wong

Went Taka baby fair last saturday. Spent over 600 bucks there!
Bought a few booties, Avent single electronic breast pump & accessories, Milk bottle & Baby's bed :)
Alot of great deals & freebies! Got a free riding toy as we spent over 500. Damn big but baby can only play when she's 1 years old. Lucky got delivery if not dont know how Hubby is going to carry home. Haha!
Now only left stroller, pampers & other small stuffs to buy for baby :)
Will get it during the expo baby fair in october.
Hopefully Babyyellow wont come out one month early if not cant go the fair liao. Hope she comes out 2 weeks later than same as hubby's birthday can celebrate tgt. Haha!
Can only see Babyyellow next month cos this months appointment got no scanning :(

Finally chosen a name for Babyyellow.
She shall be named Clovine Wong. As for chinese name, will be chosen by mil :)
Nic + Love = Clovine :D

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