Friday, August 6, 2010

Past, Present, Future.

I miss,

1. My long hair...


2. My slim body & my smaller breast (LOL)...

3. Going on dates...

Kitty Lab 2009.


Hubby's birthday.

Vday & my birthday.

4. Clique gatherings...

Ipoh trip.

Haw Paw Villa.

National Day.


My birthday chalet.
5. Late night outs...

6. School, school events...

Racial Harmony.

Prom night.
I love,

1. Waking up to hubby's kisses every morning now.
2. How my family bonds & gotten closer now.
3. Feeling babyyellow squirling around in my tummy now.
4. Eating whatever I feel like eating now without feeling guilty now.
5. How hubby likes playing with my tummy & using the stretchmarks cream to draw faces on my tummy.

I can't wait,

1. Babyyellow's arrival into this beautiful world :)
2. To slim down after birth and go shopping for pretty clothes again :)
3. For clique to finish their exams so we could finally have time for one another :)
4. Babyyellow's full month celebration :)
5. To take a family photo with Hubby & our precious little one :)
6. To have my own house :)

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