Wednesday, September 22, 2010

4th November'10

4th November is the date where Baby'Clovine turns full term!
Each time I mention 4th Nov to her, baby'clovine would start kicking & gets super excited! Tried out a few times already. Sibei cute!
Now I don't mind even if she doesn't comes out during December alrdy as long as she's healthy anytime is alright with me :)
& if she really comes out on the 4th, means can help hubby celebrate his birthday first time with our precious! Secondly, I'm getting more & more excited each day to her arrival!
Means we also have to buy most of the things before nov already. Can't wait for baby fair toos! :D

Baby'Clovine will be 30 weeks tmrws! Finally hit the "3" alrdy! How time flies :)
Omg! Omg! 6 to 10 weeks more to see this beautiful world! Hopefully I can go through delivery without taking epidural :D

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