Monday, September 13, 2010

I ♥ my Family :)

Nothing is more important than family
After this week, my busy days will be over!
Just went down to ROM to choose my registration date & is confirmed to be on 15 September 2010 at 4pm :D
I've also gotten my wedding album pictures & I'll post them up soon.
This Thursday will be going for my monthly check-up, detailed scanning & glucose test at KK. Must reach damn early at 8.30am & most probably will be there till late afternoon liao ;(
But on a brighter side, I finally get to see Baby'Clovine & how much she has grown :D
Recently have been doing many many bows & ribbons to sell.
But sadly, nobody has bought from me yet :(
If you're interested can take a look & than contact me :)

Most probably will be going the Baby fair at JB's expo this weekend to get great bargains. Hopefully the things there are cheaper than SG. Can't wait to get my corn with margerine & sweetened milk ^^

My readers has decreased alot alot cos' of lack of updates. But I promise to update alot more often after Baby'Clovine is born as I've nothing much to update this few months.
Do check back often alright :D

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