Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday My dearest Hubby!


Just a simple day spent with hubby today as I can't go out for too long & Clovine is still below one month also.
Surprised him with a strawberry cheesecake baked by myself & a Agnes.B T-shirt which I asked yanntorng to help me buy :)
Went out to Northpoint a little while with Clovine before bringing her to polyclinic for her juandice review.
Dinner at AMK hub's Dian Xiao Er with my parents for his birthday :)
Feel so bad that day. Like theres nothing I could do to celebrate his birthday & its like a normal day. Still remember we went picnic during his last birthday. So fun :)

Hubby now you must used to celebrating birthday every year ok? I will definitely celebrate your birthday for you every year with our cute little daughter :)
So you must look forward to every birthday from now onwards. Love you very very much! :D

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