Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Clovine was discharged from hospital on 7 december.
So from that day onwards, both hubby & I did not have enough of Zzzzs.
She sleeps all the time in the day & creates havoc at night! Keep dont want to sleep sials!
Poor hubby has to wake up every night to take care of her despite working in the day.
I wanted to wake up but just couldn't drag myself out of bed. Ok I feel so bad ;X

Previously was so fed up that I wanted to give up breastfeeding cos' the leaking was so bad that I'll always wake up with my whole shirt wet with my breastmilk. & it was just too tiring to pump
every few hours even in the night. So, i stopped pumping a few days & my supply got cut down. Now I wanted to breastfeed back but my supply is like only 90ml the most! Can anyone teach me how to increase back the milk supply? I think I should just persevere for till she's 2 months old than I'll stop.

As for my confinement, for the first week, I went to the hospital everyday to visit Clovine. One of the rules broke. Another thing was I actually showered & wash hair on the 5th day :/ & also drank slips of cold drinks since around day 10 ;/ Oh & I kept going bringing Clovine out to the polyclinic for her jaundice review & finally on monday was her last visit back for her juandice review.

Went to orchard yesterday night to look for hubby after her work without Clovine. Its been so long since we last went out shopping alone. Feel kinda like the first time out, abit awkward. Lol. & feels kinda of weird without a big stomach/Clovine along. After not shopping for nearly half a year, I realised the clothes are so not my style already! Nothing really catches my eye. Went taka & bought a polar bear soft toy for Clovine! Damn cute & soft! But think wait till she's older than let her play. For now, its mine :P

I've gained a total of 30kg during my pregnancy! Damn it. Should not have eaten so much lor. But for now, I managed to shed of 15kg & 10inches. Another 12kg more & 6/7inches more to my pre-preg weight & waistline. But I still can't wear any of my pre-preg shorts! So damn sad! Hopefully before February I'll manage to shed off all of the fats!

Another 9 more days to Clovine's full-month celebration! Can't wait! It'll be held at Bottle Tree Park (Khatib) on 1st January 2011! What a nice way to start off the new year 2011! :D Hopefully by then I'll shed off another few more kgs :) & Hubby's family will be coming down to Singapore from Ipoh on 30th for Clovine's full month & they'll be staying at my house. Seriously, I'm kinda of nervous & scared that my in-laws are coming even though its not the first time seeing them. Probably cos' I'm afraid of naggings or any disagreements in taking care of Clovine. Ok not that they are scary or what, they're really nice but you see I'm just scared. Hopefully it won't be so awkward ;/

& btw, Happy birthday to my dearest friend LIM YANNTORNG! So sorry I won't be able to celebrate your birthday for you this year. Maybe I'll treat you to a meal next month? :) Thanks for always being there for me. Though we quarrel but we always made up really fast! Haha. Anyway, Love you so much! :D


"Look at me! I know kung-fu!"

Looks innocent but so not when crying!
Next update will be Clovine's Full month celebration. Stay tuned :)
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