Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breastpumps for sale!

Brand new Philips Avent Single Electronic breastpump

Retailing price: $339
Selling price: $280

I'm selling it as I bought another breastpump. It is brand new just that the box has been opened. & I'll also give Avent breastpads & Breastmilk storing cups.
Some of the cups has been used & some are new as I have stopped breastfeeding. But the cups will be sterelised first before giving it to you.

* Learns and continues your pumping rhythm
* Gentle vacuum mimics baby´s suckling for steady milk flow
* Soft massage cushions trigger natural let-down, like baby
* By mains power, battery power and manual
* BPA Free
* Can also be used as a manual pump

Package consists of,
- Avent single electronic breastpump (Brand New in box)
- 10 Avent storing cups. (used & unused)
- 40 Avent breast pads
- Avent nipple protector (brand new in box)

What is included in the box :
1 x Electronic Breast Pump
1 x Bottle stand/funnel cover
1 x Battery pack
1 x Mains powder lead
1 x Manual pump part when power is not available
1 x Dome cap
1 x Screw ring
1 x Sealing base
1 x Sealing disc
1 x Milk container (125 ml/4oz)
1 x Extra soft newborn flow teat
1 x Breastfeeding guide
1 x Instruction booklet

Used Medela Swing Electronic Single Breastpump

Retailing price: $3++
Selling price: $200

I am selling it as I have decided to stop breast feeding. Only used it for one month.

All prices can be negociated.

Interested or any enquiries please add me in msn or mail me at, sandy.wxy@hotmail.com
Thanks! :)

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