Thursday, January 13, 2011

Clovine's full month celebration!

I'm finally here to update about Clovine's full month celebration! Ok I know it's super late as I'm just lazy to update hehe. This post took me a week to finish it ;/

On 1 January 2011,
All my family, relatives & friends gathered at Bottle Tree Park(Khatib) for Clovine's full month celebration!
It was a super busy day for hubby & I. Finished up Clovine's banner in the morning. After that We still had go bring hubby's Family out as they came to visit from ipoh for a few days.
Aftermath, we still had to rush to northpoint to buy helium balloons & rush to bottle tree park to decorate the place.
Hubby's friends & mine help blow the balloons while cousin & me decorate the place. The place is a great place!
Had a great time catching up with my friends & relatives. Gossiping too! Haha!
Enough of typing so let the pictures do the talking :)

Clovine's gift card in the gift boxes from Sweetest Moments.

Painting of Clovine's banner with the help of Sis-inlaw & Yanntorng. Thanks!

Our First family photo :)

Clovine's diy Banner.

The gift boxes for guests.

Must have for full month! Red eggs!

All the gift boxes ordered from "Sweetest Moments".

My friends. Thanks for coming!

See! The place is so pretty that it actually looks like real. HAHAHA!


Hubby's family & relatives.

My beloved sisters :)

My girlfriends :)

My father's side relatives. Not all in it.

Part of my cousins.

Family photo :)

My mother's side relatives :)

Hubby's grand aunt & uncle & his dad.

Hubby's family.

Hubby's grandaunt & grandma.

Hubby's family & mine.

My aunt & grandma.
Finally done with part of the photos! :D