Thursday, February 10, 2011

From today onwards, I'll try my best to update more often!
So please do me a favour by helping me click on my nuffnang ads alright?
The more clicks, the more I'll update. Hehe.

Babygirl makes lots of noises now. she'll go aaaaa... haiiii... aiii... and so on. When you ignore her, she'll even "eh" at you loudly trying to get your attention.
There was even one time when I was carrying her in the car letting her look outside of the car window. Than she kept making sounds like "wa" , "waaaaa" and "ah" !
Coincidence or what? Hahaha! Super duper cute mans.

Clovine & her christmas bear! Which hubby bought for her as christmas present. Initially it was for her but I snatch it from her . LOL So hubby bought another one for me as my christmas present too so as to present us from snatching with one another in future. Hahaha!

Look at her posing like a model! Fyi, she did this herself!

She look so sunshine in this picture wearing her sunflower romper! Sweety Sunflower :)

Always like to pout her mouth like this ever since she was one week old.

Like a sweet!

The day we wore yellow on CNY eve! Yay We're the yellow family!
Look as Babygirl smiling so happily! :D
Btw hubby & my surname is Wong. So in chinese is also know as Huang ( Yellow in chinese )
So we're the yellow family!

Its been long since we took photos together. Cos during preg so ugly no mood take also.
Glad my sharp chin is back though not as sharp as last time :)

Love this picture! Feel that my face like different from before preg.
Like after preg face will change lor.

Yay in another 4 more days it'll be my 18th birthday!
I'm gonna be of legal age & not xmm!
Gonna buy toto for the first time on my birthday. Hopefully got birthday luck. Hahah!
& its also valentines' day! Yay I'm special. Wonder what hubby will do this year :)

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