Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby'Clovine ♥

Lost interest in blogging since like no one visits my blog. So sad.
So I'll just post up some of Clovine's pictures as I'm L. A. Z. Y to update. Hehe.

Here's Clovine lying on her stomach! & she did a flip from lying on her back to lying on her tummy all by herself today!
*Claps! Clever girl I have :D

Smiley Clovine! Now when she laughs there will a "Heh Heh Heh" sound already! So cute!

Frowning Clovine! Hahahaha!
Here's her with her new friend which she loves talking to! She will even wake up in the middle of the night just to look for it! -.-

Her passport photo! Looks super sad cos after this was taken, the next moment she started crying alrdy. LOL!

Can't stop biting her fingers nowadays!

& here's me with my sweetie baby girl! :D
*Icantwaitfordecembertoarrive! :D

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