Friday, June 3, 2011

Long time no see!

'Hello everybody!

Hope you people still remember me, cutey little ClovineBaby! ( ^_^ )

Do you miss me? Hehehehe. '


Finally done editing my blog & just change my blog header picture!
Now I'm more motivated & free to blog at least once a week filled with ClovineBaby's Pictures!
Wonder if theres still people reading my blog hoping to find new posts each time ;/

Motherhood Baby Fair 2011

Went to the fair today & its was disappointing. Though its big but nothing much really.
Prices are really discounted too. Total waste of time.
There were free motherhood june magazine too! Lucky I didn't buy this month's copy. Hehe :)
But I managed to see Stephanie mummy & tangeok mummy. oh & Geraldinetantan too!Hahahaha.
Was really disappointed with the baby car seat I bought! It was from the brand Farlin(or whatever) for $138.
ClovineBaby didn't like it & she cried & scream for a super long time even when I carried her out of the seat! Grrrrrr.
Super wasted lah! Hopefully She'll like it eventually. If not have to find buyer again.
Yet to even sell out my new Avent breastpump lor :(
Anyone interested in buying breastpump at cheap price can leave me a tag! :D

Rebonding at "That' Hairdressing"

Hubby's "personal hairdresser" works there & he only goes to him for haircut. Lol.
So he told hubby that there promotion at their shop located at city link for rebonding at only $99 nett!
Went for it today & their service was great! My hair is not really damaged 7 its still smooth & straight! Love their shampoo smell too!


ClovineBaby seems to be teething I think. She keeps crying & crying & wouldn't let any of us to carry her to sleep. She will only sleep after crying/playing till she's super tired than she'll allow us to carry.
She keeps biting her teether wouldn't stop! O.O
She also doesn't finish her milk & wouldnt eat her puree/porridge/cereal.
But only likes to bite on those rusk biscuits.
There also seems to be a small bump on her gum. But I not very sure also. Lol.
To summarise it, she's suddenly very very cranky recently!
Every night she wouldn't want to sleep & keep screaming till ard 1am plus!
Its 12.50 AM & she's still in her walker screaming & turning round & round going in circles in it refusing to sleep! * Knocks head!
We call her Xuanxuan while my dad calls her Quanquan(Circles) as he could not pronounce properly so no wonder she's going in circles LOL.

I think I type too much already. Shall stop & continue with " Hubby's Ipad 2" post tmrw!
Good de nights! ( ^_^ )

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