Saturday, July 16, 2011

ClovineBaby's first balloon!

Clovine had fell two times in a week.
The first fall was last week whereby Clovine climbed out of her cot & fell on the floor lying on her tummy! Cried but stopped when I carried her.Luckily hubby was off that day and we drove to KK to see the doctor.
Thankfully Doc says everything is fine for her as her head was not injured.
Clovine was still so active & excited when she see the doc & nurses.
The second fall happened early this week. She crawled around the bed & fell on the ground again! This time she landed on her buttocks. She started crying but stopped when i carried her. Observed her & nothing was wrong with her. She's still very active!
Thank god again.
I know I'm a failure mummy. Its like how can i let her fall for the second time in a week.
Sigh all the blames on me. Thank god nothing was wrong with her. Heartache & shocked.
I'm gonna do my best to be a better mummy.

Ok sad things aside & back to ClovineBaby's first balloon!
Hubby bought her her first balloon at KK that day. She likes it alot & when we carry her & kick the balloon, she can't stop laughing with the "kakaka" sound!
Damn cute~ Can't wait till her birthday when she sees all the hello kitty helium balloons during her party! :D
Fyi, her birthday party theme is HELLO KITTY!
Thats because her mummy is a great fan of Hello Kitty! Hehehehehe ^^

" My best playmate! ^^ "


I've got truckloads of Photos to update. Shall try post as much as I can tmrws :)

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