Friday, September 9, 2011

Last post :)

Anyone shocked by the title above? ;)
Don't think too much! It's just my last post before I leave for Malaysia tomorrow!
Hehehe. Like finally the day has come!
Have been anticipating this drip like many months ago & finally it's here! It's here!!!!!!
Hubby will be driving up to Ipoh(Hub's hometown) to visit his parents & to celebrate Lantern festival!
This time my parents will be tagging along too & of cos Clovine too!
Than on wednesday, we'll be driving up to genting!!!
It's been like 8-9 years since I went there!
But most importantly, hubby & I will be celebrating our 1st ever wedding anniversary there! Which is on 15 September ^^

This week I've been busy packing & packing & folding & folding our clothes into a small luggage.

As you can see it's very full! Consist of Clovine's, hubby's & my clothes :/

I'm gonna introduce a very good method. In case some of you still isn't aware of this method, I'm gonna teach you today!

See this bulky blanket? Definitely a no no for traveling. But with a little magic,

Tadah! It has became roti prata! Muahahaha!

With the help of zip lock bags, you can bring two soft toys instead of one! How amazingly space saving!
But of cos I wouldnt bring two soft toys lah. Waste space lor. Hahaha.

So all you have to do is fold your clothes neatly, place them in a zip lock bag & zip it till you leave a small hole.
Squeeze & roll up the zip lock bag to chase all the excess air out! Easy isn't it? ;)

Now, with a few zip lock bags & a little squeezing, you're bound to have more space for your shopping loots! :D

Before I end this post, here's a Clovine's first try at neoprints!

Though the machine made our eyes like alienly huge, but we still manage to capture a few nice ones :)
Shall go spam more neoprints at genting as I read from a blog that there're neoprint shops there!


Clovine says bye bye! (^__^)

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kittylicious birthday!

As you can see from the above picture, Clovine's first birthday theme would be "Hello Kitty"!
Yes! My favorite kitty character!
It's like fulfilling my own wish of having a kitty birthday!

Came up with two designs for her cake & wonder if any readers would give me some comments/changes to improve my design :)
*Hmms. Wondering if they're still any readers left*

Design 1 :

Design 2 :

Actually it's obvious design 1 is so much nicer. Lol.
But anyway, just wanna hear some feedbacks from readers who still exists. Hehe ^^

So her chalet has been booked but kinda disappointed cos it's a lousy place. But no choice that's the only one left.
BUT if my uncle's ballot is successful, we may get NSRCC or another chalet in pasir ris!
So pray hard he gets it!!!!
Oh does anyone know how I can book SAF seaview resort? Please tell me. Thanks!

MIGHT be spamming a few posts this few days before I leave for Ipoh & Genting this Saturday! :D

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Growing up moments.

Alittle update on Clovine today!

- can stand up with support since july.
- can stand up for 3 secs without support.
- walks around with support from chairs and sofas.
- eats cereal & porridge everyday.
- crawls around the living room, ok basically everywhere.
- loves food very very much! Just give her food, she'll smile immediately.
- is very very cheeky! She loves sticking out her tongue and blow saliva at ppl.
- is very fond of throwing stuffs recently & will give sly smile.
- loves pulling cookie's hair and tail and kick him. (my dog)
- giggles alot.

Basically she more & more fun each day! Love her more & more each day!

One fine night,

she stood up while holding the cot with a loud "aiya" sound.

Smiling happily with daddy on a grasshopper.

"I'm so greedy I even eat Grandma's roses!"

"See! I got cleavage even at such young age! Jealous? ;)"

A video of Clovine. Its kawaii maximum!

Awwwwwwwww~ my baby! ^^