Monday, September 5, 2011

Growing up moments.

Alittle update on Clovine today!

- can stand up with support since july.
- can stand up for 3 secs without support.
- walks around with support from chairs and sofas.
- eats cereal & porridge everyday.
- crawls around the living room, ok basically everywhere.
- loves food very very much! Just give her food, she'll smile immediately.
- is very very cheeky! She loves sticking out her tongue and blow saliva at ppl.
- is very fond of throwing stuffs recently & will give sly smile.
- loves pulling cookie's hair and tail and kick him. (my dog)
- giggles alot.

Basically she more & more fun each day! Love her more & more each day!

One fine night,

she stood up while holding the cot with a loud "aiya" sound.

Smiling happily with daddy on a grasshopper.

"I'm so greedy I even eat Grandma's roses!"

"See! I got cleavage even at such young age! Jealous? ;)"

A video of Clovine. Its kawaii maximum!

Awwwwwwwww~ my baby! ^^

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