Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kittylicious birthday!

As you can see from the above picture, Clovine's first birthday theme would be "Hello Kitty"!
Yes! My favorite kitty character!
It's like fulfilling my own wish of having a kitty birthday!

Came up with two designs for her cake & wonder if any readers would give me some comments/changes to improve my design :)
*Hmms. Wondering if they're still any readers left*

Design 1 :

Design 2 :

Actually it's obvious design 1 is so much nicer. Lol.
But anyway, just wanna hear some feedbacks from readers who still exists. Hehe ^^

So her chalet has been booked but kinda disappointed cos it's a lousy place. But no choice that's the only one left.
BUT if my uncle's ballot is successful, we may get NSRCC or another chalet in pasir ris!
So pray hard he gets it!!!!
Oh does anyone know how I can book SAF seaview resort? Please tell me. Thanks!

MIGHT be spamming a few posts this few days before I leave for Ipoh & Genting this Saturday! :D

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