Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Will be updating this space soon as my home has been Internet free due to the canceling of Mio and changing to starhub!
Will be getting the router today so I'll have wifi tonight!
As my pictures are all in my Lappy so I can't really do a proper post. So sorry ya.

We'll be going for our family photoshoot tmr at studioplay tmrws! So excited and nervous at the same time cos I'm afraid Clovine wouldn't be cooperative ;(

Okay will try to do a proper post ASAP! Till then! :)

Bet you're missing Clovine instead of me right? So here's Clovine's pictures for you!

"Hehe mummy helped me cut bangs the other day! Did I become cuter?"

Greedy tiger! Might even eat you up!

Fyi, Clovine can walk very stable now! She started learning walking without support on her birthday and officially walk without support a day after Hubby's Birthday! Shall post a video of her walking soon :)

Upcoming posts:
- Hubby's 22nd Birthday!
- Christmas with the lovely mummies & babies!

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