Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lose the inches!

You guys are gonna benefit so much from this post! Something which everyones dreams of!
Losing the inches without exercising!
You must be thinking theres no such thing as no pain no gain right?
But its true!
You can watch tv and lose the inches easily at the same time!
What I'm gonna introduce to you guys today is this!

My mum recently bought this and I've been using it almost everyday!
I'm sure some of you have seen it on tv right?
Good news is you cqn get it cheaper at Gmarket! Yes the place where you can get alot of cheap quality stuffs!
So far I've been using it for like a month? & I definitely feel and saw that my tummy has become firmer and less bouncy! My stretch marks were less visible too!
All you need is 3-5 mins morning and night a day to get firmer arms, tighs and tummy!
I've used it and proved it is awesome!
Though it didnt helpme lose the weight but definitely helped me lose the inches on my arms and tummy!
Heres ow my tummy looks now. Though still alittle fat and ugly but compared before using izen its was huge difference! Trust me you wouldnt wanna see. HAHAHA.

Actually its alittle slimmer but recently I've been eating quite alot ;/ So need to cut down on carbo intake alrdy!
So what are you waiting for?! Get your I-ZEN and started slimming down! :D

Currently selling at $49.90! But if you check back at their web everyday there are times when they have discounted prices lower than $49.90! Click the link to get yours now! :D

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