Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Updates & plans.

Well I realised I've not been updating much bout Clovine's growing progress & some of my plans etc. So here I am typing more on our life!

I've been a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) for bout nearly 17 months already! Yeahhh who would've thought I could made it this far, even i myself wasn't confident bout being a mother.
But now I'm really glad to say I've done it! Not trying to say I'm doing it great but still I felt I've tried and did the best I could :)
Entering motherhood definitely wasn't an easy job. I have to admit it was really tough at first as I would need to come to terms of being a mum, wife and marriage. Of cos, I've got to sacrifice my freedom and friends dealing with just these two things was not easy at all. Also, I've got to deal with maturing at rapid speed and knowing my priorities. This past year has made me grown up even more.
Afterall that was what I've gone through in the beginning and its already a past and I've never regretted getting married and having Clovine at such a young age.

Seeing Clovine growing up from a little baby to becoming a toddler soon was really my greatest joy. From knowing nothing except crying to learning how to obey our instructions. She's really the sweetest little girl I've known, giving us kisses with the "Mmm mah" sound every now and then just melt our hearts. Now, she's running more than walking. She's always singing in her sweet soft voice that melts anyone! Really love my girl more and more each day :')

When Clovine just started walking last december! :')

Clovine started self feeding last month!

Hehehe sweet little Clovine wanna give daddy a call saying "Papa".

Innocent big eyes!
I'm mastering the art of cam whoring at such a young age! Muahahahah!

This litle baby is always doing weird things and giving that cheeky smile of hers!

The vain little Clovine posing on my luggage! "I'm the ambassador of this luggage! Anyone need a new model? Pick me!!!" 

Back to plans. So hubby and i are planning to send Clovine to Childcare in September provide there's space alrdy. Then after I settle her in Childcare, I'll go to work! So excited and nervous! So probably in January or March, I'll be going back to school to get a Private Diploma! Saying bout all these plans makes me so nervous and excited! Definitely can't wait for it! :D

& Tmr we'll be going back to Ipoh for visiting till next week! Yay relaxation, shopping and eating!!! This time hubby will be driving us back again but I will be the only one handling Clovine without my parents in the car! Gosh saying bout this makes me scared >.< Hopefully Clovine will be a good girl and just watch videos and sleep in her car seat! Pray hard!

Ending with a recent picture of me! Hehehehe :/

 So did I slim down and become prettier? HAHAHAHA & maybe a little thick skin too! :P