Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ipoh (17 - 23 May '12)

Drove back to Hubby's hometown, Ipoh, to celebrate his grandma's 70th birthday & to visit his family on 17th May! This time my parents didnt't tag along because they went to Beijing with my relatives because I'm not interested to travel to China. So, we left the house early in the morning around 9am but dragged till around 10am because we kept forgetting some stuffs -.-"

Clovine enjoying her songs on the Ipad. Thank god it kept her occupied till we reach KL before finally falling asleep. Of cos, lots of food consisting of bread, biscuits and sweets to stuff her mouth to prevent her from crying. LOL.
As you can see, hubby actually bought a 42 inch LED tv back for his family and it is put infront of our seat so i have to keep my leg up throughout the whole 5 hours plus journey. Lucky the custom did not notice it so we were not charge. When we reached custom it was like damn nervous as though we're smuggling. HAHA.

 Bought mcbreakfast in order to get the Kitties, one for me, one for Clovine! Just nice it was the first day & I'm afraid ppl would be snatching so better buy early! But this year the craze for hello kitty was not even crazy.

Not much pictures taken throughout the car ride cos I was busy serving my little princess for the first 3 hours of the ride before she finally slept! Thank god I survived!


Second day,

Mil bought back the yummy & cheap curry puff for breakfast! Must eat everytime we went back! Cost like less than 50 cent each. But if you think 50 cent is already cheap, its actually less than 50 cent in RM! Yes FOL in Singapore.

Yay off to the new Shopping centre which is only 20 mins car ride! 20 mins is considered very near in malaysia alrdy! 

Hubby pumping petrol! Full tank only cost like 60RM plus its Shell VPOWER okay?! So if you can afford a car in SG, you can afford two there! SIGH WHY SG'S EXPENSES GETTING HIGHER & HIGHER?!

Clovine & daddy like so happy to see hippo! 

See hubby's wicked face! HAHAHA

Clovine is very very enthu to dance now whenever she hears music or best rock music!
She'll dance till she don't wanna leave the place till the music stops! Even all the aunties in the shops came out to look at her dance!

Maybe she can start dancing at orchard road and start earning her education fees! 

See! She's really a performer in life! 

Look at her serious face! Lmao!

One thing i love about this new shopping centre is that it has fully equipped nursery rooms! Fyi, its very difficult to find nursery rooms in Malaysia.

Don't what she's up to again... Probably thinking of tearing down the cute wallapapers?

She couldn't stop moving thus the pictures are all blurry because my samsung camera is too slow.

See how daddy is spoiling this girl! Must on music videos on Ipad then can drink milk! *Slaps head*

After shopping, we actually went to Hubby's grandma house for dinner where she invited the whole street of neighbours and more than half of hubby's relatives were there. Mil says its like a part of the birthday celebration before you have dinner the day before. So there were only fried bee hoon, noodles and lots and lots of roast pig! 

Look a kitty popped by to visit! But ran away before i could help him snap pictures :(


Third day,

It's Hubby's grandma's 70th birthday! Went for dinner at this small restaurant. There were so many people there! The whole street of neighbours, friends and all relatives. There were lie10 or 11 tables opened! Can't stand how noisy it is over there @_@

This huge lotus bun is super cute! Guess what's in it?

Hubby's grandma opening up the lotus bun.

Tadah! Lots of small lotus buns in it! So cute right? First time seeing this kind of bun!

Cranky Clovine on the way. The place is too crowded alrdy!

2nd dish, Cold plate. This is damn ymmy with lotsa variety! Very different from the cold plates i ate in singapore!

3rd dish, Shark fin! Don't if its real or fake cos theres alot of shark fin in every mouth i took! Sil says its fake.

4th dish, Chicken! this is yummy too!!

5th dish, cereal prawns. Not as good as the ones we ate the previous time we went ipoh :(

Below are some pictures taken from Hubby's great uncle's Facebook! Lol.

 With Hubby's family.

 Hubby's mummy.

 Awwww why you so adorable? 

  Missed the cake cutting session as Clovine is being cranky so we carried her downstairs.

 Extremely huge cake!

Back home Clovine is back to her normal self again -.-

Fourth day,

Raymond, Hubby's friend, came back to Ipoh from KL to meet us for a day! Drove over to Nan Tian Dong to visit the temple thats in the cave and see the huge arowana fish.

Lots of monkeys there! They're not even scared of humans ;X

Can you see the arowana?

Sadly it was not as big as how hubby said it was. The people said the big ones that are as lng as hubby has died. But this is so damn fat, the eye balls as big as ping pong balls are popped out! Guess the only one left is gonna die anytime too.

After the temple, we made a very last minute decision to drive up to cameron highlands as its very near the temple! Lucky i bought Clovine's jacket as we actually planned to go shopping instead of Cameron highlands.

After an hour plus ride up the mountains, we finally reached! First stop was a place that sells lots of plants! Kinda cold at first as only Clovine had jacket but after awhile we some how got used to the temperature. Cameron is a little colder then genting.

Then we headed to butterfly garden!

It's an enclosed area with lotsa butterflies in there!

The guinea pigs are so cute and fluffy! Reminds me of the guinea pigs from the movie G force! Look alike right?

Hubby was like so scared in there because he's afraid of the butterflies not in cages causing Clovine to be a little scared in there as well. Tsk two scaredy cats -.-

The two scaredy cats & raymond!

Okay nothing much at cameron highlands accept for lotsa fruit farms. Oh and theres this Chocolate factory or sth there too but because the sun is setting soon so we had to head back down the mountain :(

Omg the road down was damn bumpy and hubby was driving kinda fast so I had this major headache because my ears got stuck and damn giddy :S

Went to pack KFC for dinner back home & it was so cheap! Lots of food & chicken for less than SGD$30! Tell me how much we can buy in Singapore with only SGD$30? Probably half of what we bought in malaysia.

Fifth day,

Went shopping at another shopping centre, Ipoh parade, which is the old one. Was hoping to eat my favourite Kaya balls from there which i have been craving since the last time we went there but the shop was closed!!!!!!! MEGA DISAPPOINTMENT LAH! T_T

Hehe Loving my one & only Sunglass from Gucci :P

Lunch at sushi king! With many shots of Clovine's different expression!

The greedy face.

The excited face.

The innocent face.

The slightly happy face.

The sian of daddy's kisses face.

The act excited face.

The cheeky and greedy face.

The sha sha face.

Watermelon Sherbet! My favourite!!!

The unglam face or The shiok face. LOL

The Naughty face.

The don't snatch my food face.

So what kind of face have you not seen on Clovine's face? :)

Haiya so wasted I should have do the O_O face to match Clovine :(

Did you realise we're always home before the sky turns dark? Because the roads at night are pitch dark & Clovine tends to cry alot in the car so we have no choice but to be home before dark. 

Hehe went out at night without Clovine on bike to pack food from the prata store! Shiok~

Another must eat place whenever we are back in Ipoh. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!

Hubby accomapanied with lots of orbs of light (Spirits) *AHHHHHHHHH :X

3 packs of goreng, 3 plain prata, 1 tissue prata & 2 drinks for only 14 RM! 
In singapore you might only be able to get 2 packs of goreng with that amount of money! #BadluckSingaporean >:(

Loots for the day! Loving the poney blouse and the nike shoes for Clovine! 
Poney blouse - Around SGD19
Nike shoes - Around SGD 30

Super cute right?! Even Clovine loves it! Keeps taking it out from her cupboard wanting to wear it!

Sixth day,

Warning alot of hiao photos below. HEH :P

Hehe when the lighting is so good for camwhore and your skin and hair condition is awesome, you tend to snap more pictures! :P

After mil came back from fetching sil and Clovine is having her nap, hubby and I sneaked out for our last round of shopping at the new Jusco, the one we went on day 2 :)

Kim gary for our late lunch! :D

Joined member for only RM15 plus free vouchers! Shiok I LOVE CHEAP DEALS! HEHEHE! :D

Hubby bringing Clovine to the big feild right infront of his house to chase birds!

Haha this picture of them walking is so cute!!!

Yay managed to self shot a picture of us together! Its always very difficult because Clovine doesnt want to coorperate :(

Take a closer look at hubby's expression! LOL he look like some enemy is chasing them!!

See told ya, "enemy" chasing them. -.-"""""

After that I helped washed the car as it was really dirty after the long ride from Singapore! & guess what I found! 


A WHOLE NEST OF COCKROACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's below the boot where you put your spare tyre! OMG I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT OKAY!!!!
Thank god Hubby's dad was at home and he helped get rid of all of them! They even laid eggs on the tyre!
He said there were at least 20 over small ones!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*FYI, when I was googling for a picture of cockroach, the hairs on my arms actually stand. Ewwwwwwwwwwww~~~~~~ 

Went for Dinner with the family at a nearby coffee shop for tze char! 

"I'm so hungry my saliva is dripping alrdy~"

"Why is the food not here yet?!"

"When is it cominggggggg? SIGHHHHHHHHH"

Clovine & her Yeye looking at the fishes that are gonna be cooked for dinner!

Clovine & her Mahmah!

HAHAHAHAHA! I dont know why she made that face! LOLLOL!

After dinner we went to Tesco for somemore stocking of diapers!

Loots for the day!

Hehehe a new spectacle frame from Hubby!!! So happy with the buy!!!! 
Till now I've yet to go make the degree lenses! :X

Faceshop nail polishes at RM12 for 3 bottles!

Amount of clothes bought for Clovine in Ipoh!

Seventh day, back to Singapore :(((

Loading all the stuffs in the car! Total of 8 pomelos Mil bought for us to bring back! 

Total of 6 packs of Diapers we stocked up!

Kpo Clovine!

Lunch cooked by Mil before leaving in the noon.
Ba kut teh!

We stopped twice for rest because Hubby drove too fast it would be too early for us to reach SG cos if we were to reach before 7pm, we have to pay for a day license.

So we had no choice but to stopped again in JB and drag time by letting Clovine play at the playground!

Clovine can slide on her own alrdy!!!

See I'm like a paparazzi snapping pictures of celebrity couples! But aren't they sweet? Hubby like a little overaged for Clovine though. HAHAHA.

She's a happy little girl when there's play and food!

"Hi readers of mummy's blog! Can you find me? I'm playing hide & seek!" ^^

Finally reached home! Kinda reluctant to come back to Singapore though. No more cheap food, no more cheap stuffs :(((

Too much stuffs! 

Hehe my pink polka dot Luggage!

All the loots excluding food!

Close up details of my favourite loot from Ipoh! :D

Can't wait to go back Ipoh again! If I were to win toto or we have saved enough money, we're so gonna migrate to Ipoh to stay! Everything there is so cheap, stress free and you can easily own a landed property at the lowest price of RM70,000! Two storeys ones only RM135,000!!!!!! Shiok right?! Singapore houses and expenses really is more and more unaffordable already! SIGH! ;((((