Thursday, June 28, 2012

My new partner

Plaza Singapura 3 weeks ago to get my new partner that hubby is sponsoring! Guess who!!!

 Forever cannot smile properly! Either give me stupid, dumb faces or his signature "sell fake teeth smile" -.-"

 With my new partner! 

Still can't guess who's my new partner?

It's the awesome Nikon 1 J1 !!!!!!!!

 See the awesomes dancing!

You must be thinking I confirm get the pink one right?! 
Hehe wrong, wrong, wrong! Surprisingly I got it in white! Cos I feel the pink is kinda a "I will sick of it" kind of pink, too candy.

It has so many wonderful & cool features! 

  • One of the features is it has a built-in flash! Perfect if you wouldn't wanna carry another big external flash that DSLR usually uses! Look isn't it so cute? So old school but yet modern! Me likey!

  • This is another cool feature! It's a one second video which is like a moving picture! An example below!

So cute right?! Great feature if you have kids so you can capture down all their cute actions! 
With Motion Snapshot, you can capture life’s special moments as a still image and as a 1-second movie vignette, which the camera stretches to create a 2.5-second slow motion movie! 
Me likey!

  • The night mode! 

Doesn't blur out the pictures & even without flash the pictures turn out great!
A feature that would be great for travelling! Normal camera would can only take pictures with flash at night with nikon j1 you don't need flash! So your background would not turn out pitch black!

  • Features HD video!

Took this video last last weekend at Marina square!

Some other features include,
  • Smart Photo Selector mode - Whereby the camera takes multiple shots & chooses the best shot for you! No more indecisive moments!
  • Also has this Slow motion movie feature! 
  • LCD monitor with crystal clear resolution. 3-inch LCD monitor with protection glass and a wide viewing angle.(approx. 460k-dot)
  • The top face has a total of only three buttons, while the rear face features a simple mode dial! Its so easy to use so you wouldn't get messed up with all different buttons again!

& I also got to redeem this really cute pink casing for my nikon FREE from nikon! U.P $99! O.o

Hehe with my new love & partner! :D

Thank you hubby! Love you so much! ^^