Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Went Bugis on Sunday before heading to Granny's house for dinner!


Went to take Purikura for the second time as a family! So much nicer than the first time! ^^

Okay my scanner made them looked really bad >.<

Had our late lunch at Wongkok cafe. The last time hubby & I ate there was like 3 yrs ago when we were still par tor-ing :')
Hehe my happy darlings ^^

Clovine's smile looks so much natural now! So sweet :*

Presenting my cheeky Clovine with her 101 expressions! 

When it comes to food, this greedy girl is very unglam! -.-

My pork chop hk style baked rice! 

Hubby's fried beef noodles!

The milk tea so special right? It helps keep it cold without making it blend! Very nice taste!

Yet another simple sunday spent with my lovelies! Can't wait for this sunday! Cos, Yanntorng & I will be having a booth at a flea! It'll be located at Blk 841 Yishun from 9am-2pm! Will be selling all the clothes I bought but left them in the closet without wearing them so they're new! What's best is I'll be selling them as low as $5 each! I'll also be selling my handmade clips! So if you happen to stay nearby, do drop by and support us okay? :) 
See ya!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Clovine in public!

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Clovine's Pamper's Joyful banner is up at Ngee Ann City just above the indoor fountain! It's her first time having her photo displayed in public! I'm so proud of her! :D

 Spot Clovine! 

Had a hard time deciding which picture to choose. I chose the angel picture for them to put it in the banner!  Nice? :)

 Mummy with Clovine! 

The banner is damn huge! Thought it'll be just a small one.

Clovine and the other 9 contestants were also featured in a small column in Motherhood's July magazine! 
 Here's the close up next to Jerbel & Mabel :) 

So drop by to see Clovine's picture if you happen to pass by! Not sure when it'll be up till but most probably should be till Taka's Baby fair ends. Taka Baby fair would be from 18 July - 5 August at the Takashimaya Square. From my past experience, the fair is more for Expectant mummies & newborns. The items are more or less the same each year.

Lastly, Thank you Pampers Singapore for organizing the contest! :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Geraldine's 19th

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Geraldine turned 19 on 2 July! So we had a mini gathering dinner over at Swee Choon dim sums!

The Dim sums there are so yummy & pocket friendly! Now I want some! :(

Look at Yeexin forever auntie! Hahaha surprising G with a mini cake.

Happy only. LOL

Wishing upon a candle instead of a star. Sounds a little wrong though.

Happy birthday girl!

G w Yeexin                                         G with Joey

 G w Vivian                                         G w Chenxiang

G w me                                             G w Yanntorng

Group shot with the girls.

How to not have a shot with my fave gf!

Below are Yanntorng's camwhoring. You take I post only! Muahaaha~
See I'm a nice friend. Hope you find a boyfriend with these photos. LOL!

Chenxiang forever eating :/

Then we headed to Kbox at Amk! Ahhhhhhh So happy can?! It's been so long since I enter into Kbox! 
Think not even once after having Clovine! Oh & something you probably don't know bout me, I LOVE SINGING! I even wanna be a singer but I just got no balls to join. I'm afraid of losing! >.<

Now its Geraldine's turn to camwhore -.-"

Hehehe a little crazy after 11pm. That's me!

Yanntorng again -.-"