Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clovine's first trip to the zoo!

- Hey I'm on #ChurpChurp! And this is crazy... but they are awesome, so join me maybe?

Starting this post with my favourite picture out of all the photos taken at the zoo on 1 July!

Can't wait for the river safari! 

Animals that can be found in river safari! I see pandas & weird creatures! <3

Ntuc card holders can get tickets costing at only $14 per adult! Not sure when the promo will end though! Usual price: $20 

We nearly had to buy these squirrels for her! This daddy gave it to her and she didn't want to put it back! Lucky I bought her favourite duck then she's willing to put it back for her duck! *Phew. The amount of soft toys at home is scary! 

Otters! So cute! All off them rush to line up in front when they see tourists! Tourists = food!

Asked her to stand there and  have a picture taken but look at her expression! LOL

Looking at the white tiger pacing up and down. Must be feeling hungry!

Hubby's first try: Got people behind. Retake!

Second try: Where's the tiger?!

Third try: Tiger check! No calefares behind check! Perfect! :D

That's why you only see a few pics that has me in it. Hubby is very bad at photography! Sigh!

HAHAHA underwater ballerina! No wonder hippos in cartoons are always wearing tutus!

She pronounces fish as "isshhhssss"

When you ask her how fish mum mum, she'll say "Urmm!" So cute right! Thats what she lent from seeing my dad feeding the fishes in the tank everyday. Then she'll stand below and keep "Urm, urm, urm!"

She's scared of hippos!

Kangaroos! First time seeing one that has pouch with little joey in it!!!! But the ones in Australia are bigger!

 Throw high high! But Clovine's face is blocked if not picture perfect!

His "Dalang" smile. Abit retard. Lol.

Orang utan. Didn't get to take a picture with them cos we missed the photo taking session :(

Penguins! The amount of them has decreased! There use to be quite alot the last time I went there!!

The crocodile is huge!!!! But there's only one left! There used to be two if I'm not wrong. So sad to see the amount of animals decreasing each time you go visit the zoo :(

The chimpanzees are really very mischievous! Next time you visit them be sure to stay there for awhile and look how mischievous they are! 

Old loner chimpanzee.

Then we took a rest right infront of the chimpanzee while having our takeaway KFC for lunch and waiting for Clovine to wake up from her nap!

Sleeping beauty.

Sleeping beauty no. 2

Guess what Clovine called the ostrich? She called it a duck! LOL. Probably because their mouth does looks alike.

The most unglam award goes to this monkey. Gosh the nose looks kinda like ... hanging on the face. LOL

Acting like construction workers sleeping everywhere they go. Gosh have to beg him to not sleep like that. So embarrassing leh! :/

Clovine: "I wanna go see the other horse!!"

Looks like the horse isn't gonna make it for another few years :(

Can't help but laugh at hubby's face. HAHAAH

Oh me like his hairstyle! Like a cool only. Like those ah bengs with long fringes? LOL

Pouty lips "Why isn't the goats coming here?"

These two rabbit are huge!!!!!

It's playtime at kids world!

Clovine's expression is so adorable!

Don't dare to go deeper.

After some warm up, she's ready to run about!

So many kids on sunday!

Changed and headed for the animal pets show! But left halfway as the show is more for kids with not much animals.

This poor trainer has to try so many times before the dog tries to jump through the hoop.


My two sweeties :)

Saw Clovine's favourite duck but its not those yellow ones. Clovine seems kinda scared of them. Haha.

With the giraffes! I always thought they are amazing animals! Envy their height too :(
Clovine pronounces them at "Gee rahhh".

With the zebras! Clovine pronounce them as "Zehh rahh"

Splash safari show! Kinda boring. Was expecting more animals other than the sealion :(

Their pose like taking wedding photos. Haha.

Huge komodo dragon!

Time to run around!

This photo is like so professional. HAHAHA.

Hubby posing like a model -.-

All of us are exhausted!

Finally one nice picture of us that hubby took! :D

Something to share:

People who know me know that I have super bad brain and memory! It got worst after giving birth to Clovine! My sec school mates called me hollow after an empty bottle hit my head during camp even my teacher made jokes about me telling the class I've got beauty but no brain. OMG. Okay back to topic. So my bad memory nearly ruined my day! I brought my camera out without the memory card which i left it stuck on my lappy without taking out after used. I realised only after queuing up for tickets. Thank god my mum drove back home to take them for me as they're on their way to granny's after dropping us at zoo.

Second incident. Cabbed home after zoo feeling tired and our whole mind was to lie on bed when we got home. But then i realised I did not bring the house keys out! So we had to wait downstairs with the energetic Clovine running round the playground for almost an hour :/