Monday, July 9, 2012

Father's day '12

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Getting ready to head out on father's day few weeks ago! 

Told you this girl is very very cheeky!

Playing with my furry hairband and giving the eeee face! 

We headed to Marina square for the Madagascar show!
Looking cute on the elmo truck! But not sure why her face is blurry ;(

Waiting for the show to start. Hubby didn't want to queue so we just watched from second storey :)

Happy babies waiting for the show in anticipation!
Currently teething her last tooth! So fast all of them is out! Lucky she don't bite!

Roar I'm a tigress!

Then the show started but Clovine was too tired and doze off even before it started -.-
Tried waking her up by saying "See got Hippo!" then she woke up with the blur face realizing theres no hippo & doze back -.-"""

Then we headed to suntec while she's still asleep. Woke up only after we went carrefour & grabbed a kitty candy dispenser and wouldn't let go. So her super love her daddy confirm buy for her.

At the used to be koi pond without kois.

Every now and then she'll point to my camera and want me to take pictures of her. But when i use iphone she'll get angry. Lol really know how to choose.

Every time we go into kiddy palace, she'll defitely grab a favourite ducks! Not one but two!

Trying to get more than two this time! I suspect she likes yellow cos she's always after yellow soft toys! Just like me when i was young! I use to have this exact duck too! Just that its of different material and beads always leak out so was thrown away :(

She's a shopping queen wannabe. Always walks and runs around kiddy palace to look and toys and stuffs.

"Hmm those looks good too!"

This is super cute! Too bad the tag is in the way if not the picture is super duper cute!!!!!

"Wow dinosaurs!"

Clovine shops while daddy poses.

Pointing to me cam again for a pic!

"Vroom vroom!"

The way she look at daddy is so adorable!

Leaning in for a kiss! Sometimes i feel like i'm the thrid party. Hmmm :(

Then we headed to Granny's house for dinner! That's how we spent our simple family day, father's day and hubby's off day! Love it when hubby is off on sundays from now on! Only con is that everywhere is filled with crowds alittle not used to it cos we used to head out on weekends without crowds.

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