Sunday, July 15, 2012

Geraldine's 19th

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Geraldine turned 19 on 2 July! So we had a mini gathering dinner over at Swee Choon dim sums!

The Dim sums there are so yummy & pocket friendly! Now I want some! :(

Look at Yeexin forever auntie! Hahaha surprising G with a mini cake.

Happy only. LOL

Wishing upon a candle instead of a star. Sounds a little wrong though.

Happy birthday girl!

G w Yeexin                                         G with Joey

 G w Vivian                                         G w Chenxiang

G w me                                             G w Yanntorng

Group shot with the girls.

How to not have a shot with my fave gf!

Below are Yanntorng's camwhoring. You take I post only! Muahaaha~
See I'm a nice friend. Hope you find a boyfriend with these photos. LOL!

Chenxiang forever eating :/

Then we headed to Kbox at Amk! Ahhhhhhh So happy can?! It's been so long since I enter into Kbox! 
Think not even once after having Clovine! Oh & something you probably don't know bout me, I LOVE SINGING! I even wanna be a singer but I just got no balls to join. I'm afraid of losing! >.<

Now its Geraldine's turn to camwhore -.-"

Hehehe a little crazy after 11pm. That's me!

Yanntorng again -.-"