Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Peach garden @ OCC on Sunday two weeks ago for Mummy's advance Birthday lunch as Hubby can only make it on Sunday.

Look how happy Clovine is when theres food! My greedy pig.

Forever on Ipad when its not "Clovine time" -.-

A picture with granny! Lol sounded so old to be called granny.

Pork ribs!

"I want this, this and that!"

Clovine is trying to be very independent! But when she can't do something on her own, she'll make a fuss! Baby why you also wanna be kiasu kid?

This is the custard bun everyone is raving about and its somehow Peach garden's famous dish! 
My first time eating custard bun, taste good but not my favourite food not because it's awful.

Their service there is good and the price ranges from $3+ onwards! My favourite is actually the Char siew puff that I didn't take a picture of. It's really damn yummy seems freshly made to me. The restuarant does not only carries dim sums but also cantonese cuisine food which I'm gonna try next time! Yet to try cantonese cuisine even though we're cantonese. Lol. If you're one that loves dim sums, Peach garden is defintely a must try! Can't wait to go back for more Dim sums! Mmmm yum yum~

Had a simple dinner @ Sakea Northpoint on 16 August which is also Mummy's birthday! 

Loving the cute buns I tied on her hair. Too bad she can't stay still for a picture :(

Here's my dad with a bouquet of flowers he bought to surprise my mum! So sweet right! 20 plus years of marriage still got flowers every year! Where's mine hubby?! After proposal in 2009, I've not received flowers from you already! >:(
Okay,I quite agree that flowers are a waste of money but its just for the excitement when receiving it! 
I once told hubby to buy me roses only when we have a bath tub next time so I can have a rose bath without wasting the flowers! LOL.

On their way to give the flowers to my mum. Awwww~

Puffy puffy cheeks! *Must bite, must pinch!

Guess what's she's eyeing on...

Egg? Nope not the egg.

"I wanna pull out the seaweed and stuff it in my mouth!" 
And she left the others untouched -.-

My favourite fried tofu! Must have two portions of it!

Clovine loves Japanese Snow Peas!

Always up to some mischief.

Then we went to swensens for ice cream! *Psst, do you know that you'll get a free Firehouse sundae when you visit Swensens on your birthday? No minimum order needed and you get to enjoy ice cream FREE from Swensens on your birthday! :D

Happy to be able to have ice cream and fries!

Mummy with her flowers :)

This girl always must get balloons whenever sees one when we're out.
Everytime ball, ball! 

And when the food is here, my camera died on me cos I totally forgotten that my camera needs battery to run! Nikon J1's battery life really very good! Can last me very long plus I've got an extra one! Hehehe. Below are photos taken with my iphone.

My merri mint! Now I'm craving for it! :(

Hope Mummy enjoyed her birthday! XOXO 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ikea on National Day

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National day for us was just another public holiday as I didn't wanna bring Clovine and squeeze with thousands of people in the Mrt just to watch fireworks. This year we didn't get the NDP tickets again. So disappointing. The last time I got to watch it live was in 2004 and I even got to watch it twice! The first time was with the school for Primary 5 and the second was with the tickets my mum won from balloting! That was the only two times at the Kallang stadium :( Hopefully we'll be able to win the tickets next year! :)

As usual, hubby is at work on public holiday so we went Ikea with my parents!

Meatballs for you? ;)

My dad couldn't wait for Clovine's birthday to get her the kitchen set, so my parents got it for that day as an advance birthday present! Hubby couldn't wait to fix it up once he got home.

 Little Miss Curious or rather Little Miss Kpo. Lol.

 Serious at work.

 Here comes daddy's little helper!

I got bored as Hubby wouldn't allow me to help him so I grabbed Clovine to camwhore with me. Hehehe.

 But she's too busy watching her Disney channel -.-

 Little helper or Little troublemaker? I prefer little trouble maker ;)

Look what mummy got for her!

 Mini Pots and pans from Ikea at $29.90!

 Still hard at work fixing and removing. Lol

 Clovine the big bully! Always bullying Cookie by using stuffs to beat him and laugh! But when she's in a good mood she'll stand in front of him and give him a kiss by saying "Mmm mah". 

 Haha Hubby irritated with Clovine keep disturbing him. Lol see their faces!

"Daddy are you done yet?"

 Hubby got fed up with Clovine disturbing so he left the kitchen undone and asked me to fix the next day!

 Cookie sleeping soundly.

When I woke up the next day, my dad was alrdy fixing up the kitchen so I had no chance of fixing it up :(
Here it is! So simple and pretty! Though not as colourful as those plastic ones but this is classy and it can last for a long long time. When it's old and ugly, we can still paint it and it'll be good as new! :D

The cute pots and pans!

 My dad bought these the next day at Daiso at $2 each! Great buy!

 And these are from Ikea at Around $6.90 for a pack of six! So cute right? All the miniatures! 
I love miniatures!!!

 Oven at the top for her cakes! Clovine can't reach the top shelf yet and she's tip- toeing when "cooking". Lol.
She went for her 18 months jab few weeks ago and the nurse said she's quite tall for her age! Just like her daddy! I'm so jealous because I stopped growing tall when I'm like sec 1 or 2! SIGHHHH*

 Mini cupboard for her plastic groceries. It's fun to see her keep her plastic groceries as she'll slowly pick them up one by one and put them in the baskets! Then she'll close the door and shout yayyyy and expect us to clap with her. Yes, I'm amazed at how much she has grown :')

And another for her pots and pants!


Would probably update another post before we head back to Ipoh on Sunday! Yay, though it's just a short trip, but its enough for some shopping is yummy food! Hehehe can't wait~