Friday, August 10, 2012

Went for my last session of facial last weekend at New York skin solution, Ngee ann city. Managed to scoot off without signing any packages even though they tried to psycho me. Super hate pushy consultants. The more you try to persuade me the more annoyed I am. Same goes to those sales assistants who follow you everywhere you go once you enter their shop! -_-

Hubby then brought Clovine over to meet me and we went to Din tai fung at Wisma for early dinner! Hehe my first time there! Have been wanting to try their Xiao long bao for a long time alrdy! So hubby suggested we head there for dinner! 

Greedy Clovine always can't wait for the food to be serve so we always have to bring snacks. 

When there're snacks, she's happy. Quite easily contented uh?

"Daddy why you snatch my food!" >:(

Always acting like a kid when Clovine's around, that's daddy :) 
So now we know where Clovine got her cheekyness from! Daddy of cos!

The lovely pair :)

Ahaha always manage to capture funny expressions of them together!

Here comes the food...
Hubby's dumpling noodles.

My plain rice to eat my my chicken soup.

My cutesy baby ^^

My chicken soup. Still prefer those herbal ones with strong taste of herbals.

Din tai fung's famous xiao long bao! 
I personally think that the ones I had from the chinese restuarant at RWS was nicer but this is yummy too! 

Fried wantons!

After our dinner, headed to Takashimaya wanting to get a toy for Clovine..
"Hmmm, this looks fun!"

"Let me see, is it made in China?" LOLLOL

"Okay let me think if i really need this. Hmmm.."

After some consideration, she decided not to buy it. Haha they way she does shopping is damn funny!
She takes on down, mumbles to herself, then puts it back, took another, mumbles again.
It's super cute to see her mumbling all sorts of baby language to herself. LOL.

Some pictures from instagram to share :)

#ootd Peplum tube top from Agneselle ! Love it so much!


 Currently my fave dessert! Gelato! Not forgetting that its low fat! Yums ^^

 Hubby cooked cream of mushroom for us that night! Its homemade from scratch! 
Not to "por" him but it seriously is one of the most yummy one I've tasted so far :P

Ending the post with a picture of Clovine acting like a drunkard with an empty can *faints.