Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Flea the other day at Blk 841, Yishun.
Okay.... so i realised its actually a second hand flea thats why all the things ppl sell are freaking cheap. So we actually sold our clothes at one for $3, two for $5! Yes damn cheap right?! But.... the aunties still wanna bargain for cheaper price!!!! We thought aunties would snatch for budget stuffs but we're so wrong! Aunties money even more diff to earn! Some of them even look through your clothes, dig them all out from the luggage and throw them everywhere! Urgh really can't stand aunties leh! Think its best we stick to having fleas at scape. Earn more and we don't have to sell that cheap!

Our booth with 2 luggage of clothes below!

Shared the booth with Limyanntorng!

"Hi long time no see!" 
Ever since Clovine was born, cookie was neglected so he pees everywhere in the house everyday! >.<
Cookie can fit into one of my bear's clothes! Lol.

"Hai always kena bullied by Clovine, now even Sandy bullies me!"

"Show you my sexy legs!" ^^

"I can also be a toothpaster ambassador like daddy with my toothy smiles!"
Clovine's front teeth are all out since she turned 19 months! Not really sure bout her back ones because she bites when you put your finger in :/

Hubby got Clovine a new toy that afternoon when we went toys'r us at paragon! Can't wait to get her the cooking table and stuffs from Ikea for her birthday! Why birthday and not now? Cos I think she should get bigger stuffs on special occasions like birthdays so that it'll make that occasion even more special? Lol something like that lah.
She insisted on lugging her new toy back without our help!

So here she is, lugging her new toy all around the house -.-"

Finally done parading with her new toy and settled down!

 A shot of her looking at the camera! Nowadays its really hard to get her to look at the camera and take pictures! She's too busy moving here and there as though there's worms in her butt.

Discovered that she has an interest in playing these "Masak Masak toys" (cooking toys) when we were at Ikea 2 months ago! She couldn't stop fiddling with the kitchen set at Ikea and by looking at the way she's playing, its as though she really knows cooking! Decided to buy it for her for her birthday this year super can't wait to see her reaction! Hope its not just a few mins of playing.
Mum actually bought a really small kitchen tool set before this and I'm so amazed with the way she's playing with it! She sat on the table and started "cooking" with the pots and spoon and even pretended to eat it with the "um" sound! Mad cute!

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