Thursday, September 27, 2012


Finally get to meet up with my old friends after like 2 months? Everyone has been so busy after we left secondary school! Study ones, studying, working ones, working, ns ones, ns-ing.
But not all of our clique get to meet up. It's always a few missing :(
Guess friends do get lesser when we grow up.
Really miss the times when we get to hang out going on outings or just sitting down at starbucks for a few hours was good. Now we can hardly have time for one another.
Really miss my 老朋友s. The clique I use to hang out with. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up like how we used to in the past for once before next year. Hope.

Met up with yanntorng, yeexin, geraldine & chenxiang at Ion. Decided to have dinner at one of the Japanese Ramen restaurant called Menya ... something. Errr I personally don't like the interior design cos it has black walls and tigers on it designed to be like a ninja's hangout. So ugly please.
The food is not awesome too. Soup for the ramen was too oily. Once is enough :/

After dinner was some shopping then we headed to 313 for desssert. Hmm not that kind of ice cream that makes me want more but still acceptable.

 Had hell lots of laughters taking photo there like our own place with the self timer! HAHAHA!

 Crazy bunch of people!

 Still the same :)

 "Formal" LOL.

Love them :* 
Yanntorng, my best girl. Geraldine, the nagger. Yeexin, the joker auntie. Chenxiang, listener/pool partner.

 Always like a kid around them. Bet no one can guess I'm actually a mom if they saw me with them!
Thats what they always say also. HAHAHA! 

 You take stupid faces with my camera, I POST! HAHAHA

Told you they are crazy.

Some old times we've spent together. Miss x a million.

Sentosa '09

 Weihao's birthday '09 (LOL at all the drunk faces!)

Geraldine's Birthday '09

 Chenxiang's birthday '09 (OMG he's so skinny 3 years back!)

 Halloween at sentosa '09

Rollerblading and cycling at East coast '09

 National day '09

Amanda's birthday '09

Hobin's birthday '09

Har Par Villa '09

 Drinking sessions '09

My Birthday '10

Seems like 2009 was a quite a adventurous and exciting year for me.
Really miss those days. Think the last time all of us met up was for my birthday chalet in 2010.
Wonder if we'll still be able to hang out again. 

Never will I forget those days.