Friday, September 7, 2012

Flea @ Scape

Rented a booth last Sunday at Scape and had hubby as my company while my parents brought Clovine to my grandma's house!

Omg sales was quite bad. Didn't manage to get a good booth as other people were way earlier then us! Flea starts at 2pm but ppl were already there before we reached at 1pm!
Okay the next time I'm gonna be there 2 hrs earlier :/
There was totally no sales for the first two hours until I reduced my price of the clothings from 1 for $5 to 1 for $3, 2 for $5.
Even though I sold half of my clothing, I only managed to cover for my rental fee.
Normally I would go flea with Yanntorng and our clothes would be more and rental fee would be half each thats why its quite a lost to set booth on my own.
Thanks to her for putting me aeroplane :(
Managed to also sell a few of my casing only after reducing the price from $15 to $10.
Okay kinda can't stand hubby cos he keeps laughing at my poor sales and how much profit I've lost by selling my clothes so cheap.
But at least I earned some money better than letting my unwanted clothes rot in my cardboard right?
Look how positive I am! Lol.
Btw I've already donated a few bags of clothes to Red cross and I still have one whole luggage to sell.
Seems like I really have to think twice before buying anymore clothings!
Online shopping is too tempting!

Large piles of clothes. So difficult to present without clothes rack! Cos normally yanntorng would be the one bringing -.-

Instead of beating houseflies, I read my new book Fifty shades of Grey!
My second book series I'm reading after Twilight! 

Hubby took picture with me reluctantly. He told me recently that he doesn't like taking pictures only after 3 years! Seriously? I'm heartbroken! Where's the guy whom I took thousands of photo with before we got married?! OMG :(

As you can see Hubby is very bored even with his Ipad. He even took a nap there! Lol.
Okay quite happy that he's willing to sit there with me doing nothing for 5 hours. Hehe.

Hopefully LIMYANNTORNG will be able to go flea with me soon!
Can't wait to sell away my luggage of clothes so that I can get new ones with the money I earned! 
Oops :P

While we're away at the flea, Clovine went to the playground with her erm cousins? Actually they're my cousins but most of them are young ones. See as long as there're four generations still living, its complicated. Lol.

Got this photo from my cousin, there're supposed to be more from my aunt. 
I swear the kids look so cute together! Can't wait to share with you guys :D