Monday, September 3, 2012

Ipoh (19 - 22 August '12)

A short trip back to Ipoh as Hubby's workplace happens to be closed for a few days for renovation!
Have been going back so much that I'm beginning to love Ipoh more and more!
Love how relaxing it is over there
I'm quite amazed at how much I love the life there as I feel that I'm able to relax myself there physically and mentally. There's this stressful feeling overwhelming me immediately when we're back at SG, back to reality of high living cost and fretting over this and that.
Told hubby how much I wish to moved to Ipoh and he says work hard, save money and we'll be able to go back and enjoy life. Hehehe can't wait to have our own BUNGALOW there with a yard and my own garden! ;))))

Ready to go with my Pink polka dot luggage! ^^

Left home around 10 plus am and stopped around 1pm at a rest stop before KL for Baskin Robbins! Realised that alot of rest stops now has Baskin Robbins!

"I scream for Ice cream!"

 Yums! Now I can't help but crave for them just by looking at the picture! :(

Enjoying at one corner. Lol. 

 Happy baby when theres food! 

 Sleeping sweetie. Hubby says Clovine looks like me when she's sleeping. So you probably know how I look when I'm sleeping! As cute as her! LOL.

 "I love rides to Ipoh because I get to eat whatever I want and Mummy wouldn't say no!"
I don't have a choice cos that's the only way to keep her "calm" in her baby chair! 
Whenever we're driving there, I'm the Car stewardess for the day to Clovine and Hubby! 
Not easy to serve both of them in the car especially Clovine >.<

Reached Ipoh around 6pm! Was later by 2 hours thanks to the huge downpour and the huge Jam near Ipoh cause by the fallen tree! Shag max! 

The next day was shopping day! Went to my favourite mall at Ipoh which is the new Aeon station 18! Hubby met up with Chung Sing, his childhood friend which he has not seen for 5 years! 

In In house fashion's Tubetop!

 Ipad and food is her best friend whenever we're in the car!

Pump oil first! Petrol there is damn cheap and hubby loves to pump the best oil whenever he's there then he'll pretend he's a racer when driving. Guys~

The only picture of us throughout the trip. Don't have the feel for photos as I'm suffering from breakouts recently. So
I actually changed my skin care to Laneige! Have been using them for a week and my skin did improved! Must really stop my itchy hands from squeezing things from my face anymore! Tsk.

Lunch at Aeon station 18,
 Hubby's assam laksa.

No mood for shopping as the crowd there was scary! Took as almost an hour to look for carpark! When we went ther in May there wasn't even a crowd and the parking lots were empty! Now we know never go back when there's public holiday! Their raya holiday is a week! Shiok right unlike SG only a day -.-"
Mochi donuts from Mister Donuts! Love their donuts as its so chewy like mochi!
How I wish They'll open an outlet in SG! :(

Then we went to Eco park!

Lotus pond! 

There's this big pond there and the catfishes in it were damn huge! People bring big bags of bread loaves just to feed them!
There were lots of them! Okay I can see myself going there like every week just to feed them if we ever move to Ipoh! Haha like so bo liao. 

Chung sing stays nearby and he says the huge bungalow in the picture only costs RM400K thats like only SGD200K! What can we get in SG with SGD200k? A tiny 3 room flat! WTF right?!
Omg so pretty lah! Its like my dream house with the balcony in my own room! Again, hubby says work hard save money and we can get one next time. MY DREAM!!!

Here's the new member in the family, Momo!
 He's so adorable!!! So fat and the fur is so fluffy!!!! 

 Clovine is so into the frogs and Momo that she refused to look at the camera :(


Hubby bought stickers for Clovine and this is what happens...
They pasted stickers for one another! My two kids~

Poor Clovine became a joke with all the stickers hubby pasted on her -.-

Sticker ribbons! 

 Next morning, we went over to Hubby's grandma hse to visit! There's another baby there which belongs to Hubby's cousin. Once there're 4 generations together, everything gets complicated. Lol. The baby is called en en is two months older than Clovine and she weighs like two times more than Clovine! Carried her and she was like woah so heavy! But she's okday with anyone who carries her and doesn't mind being passed around like a toy! Omg so cute leh like a little piglet "ren you ren bai bu".
 Clovine with her Da gu. LOL sounds so old :/

Can't stay still for a picture :(

Then its shopping time again! This time its Ipoh parade for a short while just to get my Kaya balls and Clovine's clothes from Poney! :)

My favourite Kaya balls! The ones in JB are not as good as these!!!!

 The naughty duos.

 Now you know where Clovine got her cheekiness from!

Showing the receipt of Clovine's dresses telling how much he loves her? Lol.

 Headed to the place where they sell all sorts of popular food in Ipoh like the Bean sprouts chicken, etc.

Shopping for local delights to bring home!

Headed to Aeon Station 18 again for last round of shopping!
 Clovine pulling the hello kitty roller bag around! Its so so cute!!!! 

 Was looking for a bag for her to bring to Kindergarden when she starts schooling. But was worried she'll be very lazy if she pulls this kind of bag to school. So gave it a miss :(
Few days back Hubby was saying we should have got this bag for her as he's saying Clovine kept wanting to pull my luggage around. Okay so gonna get it the next time we go back!

The bag we got her! Hubby's mum insisted on paying the money for the bag he bought as she says if grandma buys bag for her she'll be good in studies! Hahaha.

Went back and then headed out with the family for dinner!

 Fried sotong.

 Nearly ate this until I heard Sil saying that its frog! OMG I thought it was chicken!
Clovine actually like this! :/

 Cereal prawns! Its so juicy and huge! Look at the one on top, its so huge!!! 
Love the prawns there! Yummy!

 Yummy pork ribs! ^^

 See! Told you it was huge! One of the biggest I've ever seen on a dish!

 All the naughty faces of Clovine.

 Pouty pouty lips! 

Tesco after dinner! I love the supermarkets there including Jusco! So huge, so many things and so cheap! Everytime we go the supermarkets in Malaysia we're sure to spend a hundred ringgit there on food and diapers!

 Momo's furry head! He would be so grown up and huge the next time we go back. Love their puppy days :(

 Cutie~ Hehe.

Left for Singapore the next afternoon after lunch cooked by mil. Can't bear to leave again :(
Hopefully we the next time we go back its gonna be a long trip! Most probably won't be going back for Chinese New year next year as Hubby might not be able to take long leave :(
Quite looking forward to be able to spend cny there as its so different as Kampongs are more festive with lots of fireworks!!! Hehe can't wait to be able to go back for cny!

 Anyone miss this? ROOT BEER FLOAT! A&W for early dinner at the same rest stop. Fyi, theres KFC, A&W, a few malay cafes and Baskin Robbins! 

 Twister fries!

A&W waffles! Hehehe ^^

Realised theres so much food pictures on my blog recently. Omg I'm becoming such a glutton! :/
Hope I made my readers hungry and salivate! *Evil laugh~

 Total bags of stuffs bought mostly food and white coffee powder! Hehehe.
Bought four packs of mamy poko for Clovine's night use at only $16+ per pack! So much cheaper than SG!

 See all the food and tibits! Hehehe.
Not much shopping loots this time round as time wasn't as much as the previous :(
Hoping for a bangkok trip soon! Probably in November if hubby is able to take leave! Yay! 

Now for the buys...
Clovine's dresses from pony! Around SGD 40 bucks each but I suppose its cheaper than SG's right? 
If you're looking for cheaper pony clothes, Malaysia's poney coun ter in departmental store always has discounts and some dresses are as low as RM25! 

One of my buy from Ipoh! Craftholic bunny @ RM 50, SGD 20 
So nice to hug and he's my new 'Hubby' :D

I think the craftholic ones sold at SG are so much more expensive right? 

Other than the bunny, I got Freshkon dezigner contact lenses at only 3 for RM100, SGD40! I got from the optical shop name Focus point and they have a outlet at City square JB too but I'm not sure if their price it the same. Normally the degrees the have are limited so they will help you order and courier it to you for free! I got one pair of pink one and two orange brown ones! Tried the brown ones and it was very very nice! Shall post a photo of me wearing it next time :)

Got a few PJs for Clovine at Tesco for only RM10, SGD4 each! Some shirts for homewear that costs only RM4! Shockingly cheap! 

This is Clovine in one of the PJs we bought from the last trip. Ladybirds so cute right!

Hubby spamming bubbles on Clovine with the bubble gun we back from Ipoh once we got home!
Cost only RM10 with music somemore!

Okay finally done with this long long post! Phew~ Hope it's not too long and draggy for my readers!
Enjoy :)