Friday, September 14, 2012

JB for shopping!

Impromptu trip to JB for shopping last Sunday!
Hubby drove us in to JB in the noon and first stop was Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre. Around 20 mins drive from woodlands custom.

Settled down for Lunch at a Ichiban ramen.

As usual can't stay still for a picture and my Mum's lousy camera skill -.-

It's mouth watering pictures again! ;)
My Juicy teriyaki chicken don!

Hubby's spicy ramen!

Clovine has a set too! Hello kitty cutlery!

After filling our stomach, its time for shopping!
Running around happily with her new balloon! This daddy really loves spoiling her. 
Always buying/getting balloons for her whenever we head out -.-

After running around, its time for nap! Hubby shoulders are like super comfy cos everytime Hubby carries her, she falls asleep very quickly!

Little monster woke up from her nap and its time for some chaos!

Hehe mini chairs just for the kids. So cute! 
I like that Aeon malls are very children/baby friendly cos they even rent out strollers and push cars to shoppers! Didn't get a chance to rent them cos Clovine always falls asleep whenever we're out cos Daddy is always carrying her -.-
Only thing its that its quite hard to find nursery there.

My little miss terror always up to mischief.

Daddy joins in for so me photo but Clovine can't be bothered with him. Hahaha!

Hehe one of the well shot photo of the day! So cheeky! *Pinch pinch :P

Look how happy she is with the balloons and the chairs! Refused to leave!

Hehe another well shot photo! Why are you so adorable? 
I do hope she loves photo taking next time unlike her daddy. Then I'll have a picture partner next time! Lol.

One of the feature that my Nikon has is the smart photo selector whereby it takes multiple shots with a click and it chooses the best shot one for you! Great for taking active kids like my little girl!
So I find the photos I took with the feature rather funny and made it into a gif.
Focus on her eyes! HAHAHA So funny!!!

This is what she does when its raining. 

After Jusco, we headed to Tesco which is just opposite for some groceries shopping. Things are so cheap there! 
Headed to City square which is beside the checkpoint for Dinner at Kim gary Restuarant! Hehe one of my favourite restuarant. So much cheaper than the outlets in SG!

Food again :) Sorry if I made you hungry but thats my point though. HAHAHA.
French toast!

Cheesy wedges! I got this for free with the coupons I gotten when I signed up for member the other time in Ipoh! They have different items for free every month and 50% off on birthday month!
Guess what its only RM10 for lifetime membership! Woah!

Yums look at the melted cheese! Gawddd!

Hubby never fails to order this everytime we dine there! Seriously its every single time! Even before I met him -.-"

My korean spicy noodles with steak! I know its just instant noodles but don't you agree that instant noodles taste alot better in restaurants? Haha or rather cos its cooked by people. Heh heh.

I love mushrooms and this is with melted cheese and white sauce = Double favourites!

After dinner we went to the first floor where they're having this Doreamon fair and mooncakes fair!
They're selling all sorts of Doreamon stuffs from stationery, clothes, limited edition doreamon plushies etc.! If you're interested they'll be having the fair till 30 September!

See this greedy girl immediately went to hug TWO doreamons!

Hehe my favourite picture of the day! If you've followed my twitter or instagram and FB, you would have seen this photo already :)

So as usual the ever doting daddy bought a Doreamon for her which she treats it like treasure maybe for the time being. Haha but seems like she really likes it and she still treats her duck plushy equally.

Oh and I saw this Hello kitty booth at the same level which I think is a mooncake booth too! Too bad I didn't get to see the mooncakes as we're rushing back as its quite late already :(

Just realised my next post is actually my 100th post for this blog! Which made me think about what I should write bout for my 100th post.
Maybe my proposal, how I started blogging, our love story or if my readers would decide for me?
Hehe looking forward to some replies on my tagboard. 
Btw I've also added a formspring at the top so if you've got any questions just shoot them at me!