Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our 2th Wedding Anniversary ♥

"A kiss and a Happy anniversary at 12am :')"

It was a friday night and Hubby came home earlier then the usual fridays from work! I think he purposely finished work early just to be home by 12am to wish me. Hehe Hubby said nothing but I guess he's just too shy to express his feelings or maybe I just think too much. Lol.
In the morning Hubby still pretend to laze on bed and I keep nagging at him to go prepare for work alrdy but he keeps saying awhile more awhile more. End up he's alrdy applied for leave.
Still "Surprise" me after telling me -.-"

So we actually laze around at home till about 5 plus then left for dinner. Hubby didn't told me where we were having dinner at cos he just said he's made reservation for dinner alrdy. For a moment I'm amazed with him for making reservation cos normally he's too shy to even call for Mcdelivery -.- 
And guess where we went for dinner?! At his workplace! Ahhhhh suddenly I became so nervous lah. Quite uneasy also cos its his colleagues serving us! All the way hubby keep smiling at them which is quite awkward lah. But I'm happy to be able to have dinner with Hubby alone. It's been so long since we had a proper meal with just the two of us :)

Overall dinner was great at Brasserie Gavroche, they serve really good and affordable french food compared to outside :)

While on our way to dinner :)

Caviar on potato with cheese. I didn't dare try at first as the caviar looks kind of unappetizing but hubby insisted I try. It doesn't taste that bad when eaten together with the potato and cheese. In fact its yummy and I enjoyed it. Caviar taste salty and has the taste of sea naturally. Yums!

HAHAHA so unglam like a kid!

 Champagne :)

 Vol au vent au homard et fruits de mer
Lobster and seafood with béchamel sauce and puff pastry, 29

Ohhhhh I love this one! The lobsters looks like prawns but the taste is so different! It's so sweet with a tinge of  alcohol in the sauce and lots of mushroom! Love it!

 Steak frites et sauce Béarnaise
Pan-roasted Angus sirloin with Béarnaise sauce and French fries 38

My main course steak again! Hehe I'm a beef lover! This is so fulfilling and filling! The portion is so big and the meat is so juicy and thick! Ooooooohh.

Ended our sumptuous dinner with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and thanking Hubby's colleagues for the meal :)

If you're interested in having dinner at Brasserie Gavroche, you can check out their website and make reservation. It's definitely a fine place for special occasions :)

The lights for Lantern festival is up at Chinatown alrdy with so many colourful balls hanging on top!
Hubby was saying we should bring Clovine there cos she would be so excited saying "ball, ball"! 
Thats her favourite word and thing. Hahaha.

A little flushed from the champagne :/

OOTD. My fave dress from Agneselle :)

Headed home after dinner for a rest then brought Clovine along with us to takeaway supper before heading to yishun dam for some night breeze! Been so long since we head there! Used to go there with our takeaway food like every weekend before Clovine was out. The time I miss the most is when we always cycle there as a clique to slack and have ice cream in the late night. But I doubt we could do that as a clique anymore :(

With my sweetie :)

Took away waffles with a scoop of salted caramel from Salted Caramel! 
Yummy ^^

Both of them busy eating! Hahaha hubby looked so funny.

Busy eating ice -.-

Look at how well the picture turned out to be even without flash! Praises for my Nikon again. Hehehe.

Trying to take emo photos of hubby. Lol.
Love this effect :)

One emo picture of Clovine too. Hehehe.

Can you tell what Clovine is saying by looking at the picture? 
"Kah kah!" Which means cockroach! LOL Can see the fear on her face!

Hubby can't keep her eyes off Clovine cos she keeps running around! 

A picture with Clovine! Hehe look at her smiling like her daddy! The fake smiles! 
Its in the genes O.o

Though its just a simple day spent, a simple dinner, its enough to make me feel loved. Cos I know Hubby is not a person who's good with words so all along I can only tell from his actions. Moreover actions does speaks louder than words right? I admit I complain alot to him about not being romantic enough and not expressing his feelings but slowly I'm starting to learn what contentment is which is as simple as just a kiss. I'm still trying to learn how to be thankful for the things I have instead of complaining about the things I don't have and comparing. Comparing can sometimes ruin everything. 

You know Hubby, I'm glad you were there since the day we got together. If it weren't for your patience, understanding and love, we wouldn't have come this far. Thank you so much baby for not giving up on me these 3 years. I love you 

Btw I've got an article to share with guys which I think is quite true and its that mistake that most married couples would make without realising it even us. Couples please take some time to read it, it may be wordy but definitely very beneficial :)

How to avoid these 8 relationship mistakes

By Patrick Loh, Credits: The asian parent

1. Never change your partner’s behaviour
Love might be blind but it has its limits. Your partner will definitely change certain things for you – his/her character, habits, and attitude – but do not push too far. You should love him/her for who he/she is.
2. Never change yourself for anybody
It’s common for many people to behave very differently in front of their partners. It’s unnecessary pressure and stress to pull an act together just to please your partner. He/she should love you for who you are; not what he/she wants you to be.
3. Never mention the ‘break-up’ word during an argument
It’s completely normal for couples to argue every now and then. It’s also common for them to yell the danger word – ‘break-up’ – when there is too much anger. They either end up separated for the tiniest reason or end up leaving a scar in the relationship.
4. Agree to disagree
Communication is very important. It’s okay to disagree with your partner’s suggestions on certain things but you have to understand that everyone has their own opinion. Explain to him/her if you strongly believe in a decision made for the relationship and vice versa. Communication is all it takes.
5. Compromise and be the better person
Never get too carried away when you are fired up in an argument with your partner. You might not be able to take back the harsh words you said and that could bruise, or even destroy your relationship. Try to be the righteous person. Calm down and talk to each other in a civilized manner.
6. Don’t hesitate to apologize
If you know you’re wrong in a fight with your partner, put your ego aside and apologize. This will only strengthen your relationship with each other. Apart from that, your partner will do the same in return. Hug it out like adults, put the past behind and move on.
7. Be independent
Everyone needs space, even married couples. Men needs space and some time alone especially when the need to focus on their work. Women might need some me-time every now and then to relax. Don’t be too clingy. Don’t depend on him/her for the smallest things. Learn how to be independent and earn the respect from your partner.
8. Trust
Dating a dangerously good-looking man/woman could raise a lot of issues. Do you ever wonder if his/her colleagues might be hitting on them at work? Wonder how many ex’s he/she might have? Worst – do you think he/she is cheating on you with their best friend of the opposite sex? DON’T! Always remind yourself that you are the chosen one and that’s more than enough. No need to wonder if your partner is cheating on you because a relationship will never work without trust. So don’t worry. He/she loves you. Stop doubting your partner, trust your partner and perhaps, this could be your blissful pathway to marriage.

Hope this article did help you married couples realise your mistakes and did benefited you and your partners relationship :)