Saturday, September 15, 2012

The proposal

To commemorate my 100th post and those who requested for it :)

Actually I've alrdy thought of blogging about hubby's proposal weeks ago as I was actually browsing through rings and saw the ring hubby used to proposed to me two years ago on 14 February 2010.

Since I've not actually made a proper post about it and our 2nd wedding anniversary is today, I shall do it today!

14 February 2010 was an extremely special and unforgettable day for me as there's a whole series of events happening on that day for me! The events consist of First day of Chinese New Year, my 17th Birthday, our first valentine's day and not forgetting that its the day hubby proposed to me! See, it was definitely one of the most happening day in my life!

So, with so many events in one day, time management is kinda difficult as I had to go visiting and also meet hubby to celebrate my birthday and valentine's day. Oh not forgetting that I had double amount of ang baos then usual as it was my birthday! But who would have known that it was my last year receiving ang baos too.

Hubby came over to my grandma's hse for visiting in the evening then we headed to esplanade wanting to check out the chinese new year carnival there. Oh and he actually popped out with flowers which he ordered at northpoint days before when meeting me. Funny thing is that he stays at Bedok but why did he had to go all the way to yishun to order flowers and collect them? It's because he didn't know where to get them and to him northpoint is the only place selling? LOL. Can't blame since its first time buying flowers for a girl which is me!

Had a valentine's cake from breadtalk as my birthday cake which is my first time too!
Sat outside Esplanade by the sea to cut my birthday cake! Hubby was then singing a birthday song for me softly as he's a very very shy guy.

You must be thinking where's the proposal why hasn't hubby popped the question yet. Here goes.
After which I find Hubby quite weird because he keeps insisting that we find somewhere quieter and less crowded. Okay so we decided to head to East coast park thinking probably he just wants some alone time. I've been guessing bout my present since we met that day but I definitely did not thought of a ring. After finding a quiet place at East coast park, he suddenly asked me to close my eyes and I was so excited cos yay I'm gonna finally get my vday present! But to my surprise, he was kneeling down infront of me with a ring when I opened my eyes! Oh god! So heres the question,

"Baby 你愿意嫁给我吗?"
(Baby will you marry me?)

I was dumbfounded at first but I still managed to say yes! Yes I wanna be with him for the rest of my life, yes he's the one who made me feel special, yes he's the one that'll love me for who I am and yes I know how much I love this guy!

Hubby with the ring :)

 And here's Hubby with a memory book I made for him as a vday gift :)

Heres a card Hubby gave me way earlier before he proposed to me which I think is very sweet :) 

He even left a blank for me to sign which he has alrdy signed. Hehehe. 
I guess he might want to dig a hole and hide after seeing that I've post up the picture of the card he once written. Lol.

So thats how Hubby proposed to me. I know its not romantic like how proposals are now and I admit its not how I've always dreamed of but still its the thought that counts and most importantly I'm surprised! Hehe I'm the kind of girl who love surprises alot. Okay so our plan was to actually get married when I'm legal but then Clovine came along so we actually fast forward the process. Lol. We didn't have any wedding dinner nor go through any of the traditional chinese custom except rom which I was alright with cos most importantly its the marriage thats important rather than having a lavish and wonderful wedding and ends up in a divorce right? But I do admit that I've always dream of a wonderful fairytale kind of wedding and I'm sure all girls dream of it as a little girl right! So Hubby actually promise me that he'll give me back what I've missed but I'm not sure if its still important to me anymore.

Something that warms my heart is that Hubby wants to marry me not because of responsibilities or that he has no choice, its because he loves me and that he has wanted to make me his wife right after we started this relationship. Its also because Hubby has never thought that he would want to settle down so early and I was the one who made him change his mind of wanting to settle down. Hehe :)

I just hope our marriage would work and our love for each other would get us through the rest of our lives till eternity :)

Okay I know my husband is not a very romantic man but I still do hope that he'll be a little romantic once in a while especially on special occasions. *Hints to hubby, go think about it or do some research! Lol. 

Hubby, thanks for everything. 
I love you