Thursday, September 6, 2012

The toothy monster!

Recently Clovine has been super cranky because of her second molar teeth growing!
She cries suddenly every now and then which is kind of irritating at first. Plus she rejected milk for about a month already and didn't want to have it even now!
She's only 21 months and she wanted to stop milk intake? Even those packet milk she also reject.
Rejecting milk is one issue, anther issue is that her appetite becomes small when it comes to meal times. Clovine is so difficult to please :(

Went to asked the chinese medical hall for stuffs that can help with Clovine's appetite and he recommend this.
Tried giving Clovine this before her mealtime and her appetite did improved a little. Hopefully she'll be able to finish up her meal soon!

Below are some of Clovine's smiles from birth till now.

This is year 1.

Somehow her smiles got more and more fake as her teeth grows more and more. Lol
She inherit her smile from her daddy lor. Both selling toothpaste one.

Now that she has teeth, she bites off the lollipop faster than any kid. Talk about enjoying -.-

Sour organic strawberry pops! Anyone wants some? Sour but too yummy to reject!

Weekend at Mac for lunch,

Look how swollen her right cheek is thanks to the second molar. 
Made her look super chubby and cute but BEWARE she's a cranky monster!

 Moody little princess :(

 *Ouch. She in pain even when drinking from a straw.
Almost every mouth of food she takes, she moans in pain. I HATE TEETHING!
Hopefully after this second molar, the other 3 second molar wouldn't cause so much pain anymore :(

I think she looks better with this parting than bangs! So much more lady like. Haha.

Like father, like daughter. Haha.

Oh and just wondering if its okay to let her continue drinking milo everyday instead of milk?
Cos, she rejected formula milk, packet milk even packet chocolate milk! 
I really really hope she'll start drinking formula again even if its one big can a week :(

Hope Clovine's smiles did bring smiles to my readers ^^