Thursday, October 4, 2012


Balloons are Clovine's favourite!
Whenever we're out, we're bound to bring home a balloon because Clovine just can't resist balloons.
Everywhere we go, she'll go "ball! ball!" when she sees people holding them.
Sometimes when she doesn't get a free balloon, her face would look so sad and pitiful that her daddy buys one for her.

Weeks ago at Takashimaya,
 "Balloons, balls and food makes me smile."

 There's this huge sylvanian families bunny at Takashimaya the other day.
Really wanna take photos with her but Clovine is scared of it as the bunny is quite giant!

Happily parading around the mall with her balloon. She didn't make me to tie it to her hand so I afraid it would fly off. But surprisingly she held on to it for dear life.

Really heartwarming to see her happy and smiling but when she's crying and whiny, it pisses people off.