Sunday, October 7, 2012


Celebrated 中秋节 which is aka Mid-Autumn Festival last sunday!
It's also Clovine's first time carrying a candle lit lantern which actually didn't last for long cos she was swinging the lantern around so hard that the candle eventually got blown out.

Played lantern below my Grandma's block and we're the only ones which is so weird. I still remember it was so different when we're young cos all the other kids would be playing below the same block and it was so noisy and fun unlike now, no festive feel.

Though mid-autumn is also a day where we chinese would sit down for some mooncakes and moon watching with family, I'm sure this is something singaporeans wouldn't do unless you live in private properties. Can't imagine people who lives in HDB lugging all the mooncakes down to the void deck for moon watching and mooncakes cos it would be so weird right might even get stomped! >.<

With Xinhui! The only ahyi left to play lantern with her as all the other small ahyis left early!
Look at the both of them smiling together! So adorable one!

The moon was supposed to be big and round. Guess its because of the rain in the noon that the moon was blur-ed out.

Clovine swinging the lantern in action!! Everyone was so afraid of her that they kept running away from her screaming! 
Of course thats not all, she even tried to scare my uncle by swinging the lantern near his private area alot of times while laughing away! This cheeky girl of mine always has something bad up her sleeves -.-

So you see, her lantern got blown out even before we reach the void deck. She looks kinda sad though but she's too dangerous for a candle lit lantern :/

Clovine with daddy! Isn't she adorable in that traditional costume? Hehehe.

Second round at our corridor!

Sorry for all the poor quality photos as you know its really hard to capture photos of Clovine who can't keep still for a photo! What a pity for me when it comes to scrapbooking :(

The top of the lantern is so cute! Got thiese series of disney lanterns last year at JB.

Not forgetting the most modern lantern! The bubble blowing, able to move around with music and light lantern! 

Ahhh Clovine got disfigured! Hubby's poor photography skills.

Me trying to blow the bubbles while Clovine tries to burst them!

Naughty Clovine always don't give me face to take a proper photo with me! *Pffs >:(

Oooops Clovine got exposed! LOL!!!! 
This photo taken by hubby is so hilarious!!! Look at Clovine's expression on her face!

Hope my readers had a good time laughing at Clovine's hilarious moments!