Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cheeky Clovine

Just captured some really funny videos and pictures of Clovine that I can't wait to show you guys!
This Clovine is really 鬼灵精怪 always 做鬼做怪 in short she's a really cheeky girl!
Too cheeky for her age actually but never fails to bring laughters to people!

Starting off the post with Clovine saying hello taken just now!

And then here's a video of Clovine behaving uhhh not as normal as it seems...

You see she's always up to unpredicted mischiefs! Lol.

 Clovine insisted on wearing one of hubby's shirt. Look at the way she poses! So sweet!

 Hip hop Clovine is here yo!

 When ice cream is too cold, here's what she does with her face! 
The more you laugh at her, the more she does it! Though very naughty of her but you just can't help but burst out laughing!

 Who can look cute even in unglam photos? CLOVINE!

 Another expression of her eating ice cream!

Then its her daily supper time where she would sit on her special chair and eat all sorts of food including bread, biscuits, hubby's takeaway dinner, milo etc. before heading to bed! 

 "You want some bread?"

 Mischief acting up again! Too funny!!!

 Tickles with daddy!

 Love this picture of her! Can see her features very clearly. Very pretty :')

 "Better not mess with me!"

 "I'm trying be a sexy baby."

 The very little times of Clovine lying down quietly other than sleeping.

 My sweetie pie :*

 Her dancing to Gangnam style! She only knows how to sing the "OP OP OP" part. LOL
Must find a chance to video it down!

One last video before I end this post!
Here's Clovine singing to Barney's I Love you song not her usual soft and sweet tone though. Lol.

Fyi, Clovine is very soft spoken and sweet when its comes to talking, calling people and singing! Extreme cuteness and sweetness!
But when she's pissed off, which she is what she's feeling often, she's like a monster screaming, shouting and crying. Hope this phrase goes away soon :(

Clovine says "I love you" to my readers! Gonna go snuggle under the blanket with Clovine and hubby now. Good nights! ^^