Friday, October 26, 2012

Day out with the aunties

Met up with the girls, the aunties, for Chocolate fondue at Haagen dazs, Junction 8, last Wednesday! 
It's been some time since I last brought her out alone to meet the girls. Luckily Clovine was quite cooperative :)

Yeexin came over in the noon before we left to meet the other two.

So yummy yummy! 

My favourite flavour, Vanilla!

The chocolate instantly hardens when you dipped the ice cream in! So awesome!

Clovine enjoying the ice cream and ruining the balls of ice cream!
So yay, nobody is gonna snatch my share away! 

Unglam photos of Clovine are always cute. Lol

Mmmmmm Oishiiiiiii~~~~

"Auntie you very dirty! Clovine help you clean!" Lol. She's always cleaning whenever she has wet tissue on her hand.

Below is a series of Clovine's and Geraldine's emotional tangle. Lol.
"Laugh what laugh?" *Glare 

Clovine's glaring at Geraldine when she aske for a kiss! 
Her glare is so angry yet adorable! Lol! 

Clovine got angry and actually went to beat her! Then Geraldine pretended to cry and Clovine sayang her in a very reluctant way. Hahaha. 

"I give you kiss alrdy why are you still laughing?" *Stare*

Then Geraldine managed to bribe her by saying she's gonna bring her go buy balloon!

See! Now she only wants Geraldine! Tsk. So easy to bribe de leh.

Group photo! All smiles with Clovine's reluctant smile because she can't wait to go get her balloon -.-

So we went to Artbox to get her balloon. Wanted to get her a walking one because it looks so cute! So I asked her choose one from the album! I must say her choices is very very weird. First she chose a dinosaur, then another dinosaur, a frog and some other weird ones which I don't like! Lol. In the end I helped her choose a cat one instead of her favourite duck because they only have one duck left that is on display. 

Happy Clovine parading around with her new pet cat balloon! That's when all of us took out our cameras wanting to get a photo of her with the cat but failed! Lol.

Yay I got one but its a unglam one! Lol! But still adorable right?

Yanntorng with the only cat she's not afraid of. Lol.

Clovine attracted alot of attention with her new balloon! 
Everyone one who walked passed her couldn't stop looking at her and commenting how cute it is. 
Okay quite embarrassing for me :/

Clovine trying to pat her cat. 

HAHAHA just can't stop laughing at her unglam photos. 

Look how happy Clovine is running around with her cat! Love how easy it is to make her happy! 
Balloons and sweets!

Had dinner at Ramenplay! My first time there which won't be my last unlike the last ramen shop I visited at Ion. Thanks for the dinner Geraldine! :)

Hehe my little sweety.

Yuzu yoghurt drink! So refreshing! Love it!

Shared a bowl of ramen with Yeexin and Clovine.

With my precious girl :) 
She's afraid her cat would run so she was holding on to the string all the time and we put the cat under the table! Hahaha.

The aunties and Clovine! My closest girls I have :)
Can't figure out if Yeexin's eyes is closed or opened. Lol.

Clovine was distracted by Yanntorng and Yeexin's braces when they're smiling for the cam. Hahaha.

This time Yeexin tried hard to open her eyes! Quite obvious she's trying hard right? Lol.

I think Clovine would love taking care of people. Cos she really takes care of her soft toys like they're real. Have to kiss and hug them daily. Very very cute!
Hope she does that to her younger sibling next time :)

Whoooooo~ Now its kite flying time! Hahahah.

Clovine can't keep her eyes off the cat.

Hehe love you girls! 
Can see Yeexin trying her very best opening her eyes wide! HAHAHA!

"I know I'm sweet but talk to my hand instead" :)


Poor Clovine frightened by enthusiastic Auntie.

A kiss from Clovine for each of them!
Had a hard time getting her to kiss because each auntie wanted a picture of her kissing them!
So they tried all sorts of way to bribe her. Geraldine had the hardest time probably because Clovine gave her too much kiss that day. Hahaha.
Surprisingly Clovine did not have any nightmare that night! LOL.