Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gardens by the bay.

Gardens by the bay on Sunday with family and it was also my parents wedding anniversary!
Its flowers and pictures overload(again) for this post!
Went there around 4pm but seems like the crowds start to increase as it gets later.

Love the pink shade of the flower.

Cheeky Clovine trying to escape from daddy's arms!

Alot of tourists! Hmm to be honest I think this place is more for tourists. Might be boring for Singaporeans. Wonder why ppl would actually buy an annual ticket -.-"

LOL at hubby's unglamness! 

"Why is popo taking so long to buy the tickets?" The queue got worst after we started queuing! Lucky.

Tickets to the Flower dome and Cloud forest which is an enclosed area with aircon. 
$20 for both exhibition for local residents plus 10% if you have PAssion card, NTUC Plus! card, SAFRA card, Home Team NS card or Civil Service Club Membership card valid till 30 June 2013.

I personally thinks that the Flower dome and the cloud forest are not a must see unless you really really adore flowers or would love to take alot of pictures. 
Theres actually nothing much to see plus some plants are starting to wither probably cos the aircon is too cold inside?
I prefer having a picnic just outside the gardens or marina barrage instead of paying to see the flowers.

In Swivelle's Denim bustier playsuit! 
Love the playsuit alot especially the heart shape cut at the bust area. Have been looking for a tube romper until I finally found it from Swivelle's shop sometime back when they're still on livejournal. Comfortable and definitely a must have for outings!
Swivelle's collections are really sweet designs that girls will love. One of my favourite online shop too! :D

This looks like bottle tree but I don't know what is it.

Clovine looks excited while hubby looks disgusted. LOL
Hubby's a clean freak when he's not in his chef uniform. Super personality change.
Even when cooking at home, he's a clean freak except when he's in uniform then he can accept dirtyness. Zzzz. 

Lol looks kinda obscene hor this tree....

This plant is something unique. So cute right the leaves all stacked up like that. 
Something most of us would not have seen before.

These look like christmas leaves! Got the feel of christmas!

Cactus with a flower! Now how many people have seen their cactus with flowers? 
It's so rare!
If your cactus produce flowers I think its mean luck is here!

Hairy cactus that kinda gives me goosebumps. So eekie :/

I'M FAT! D; 
Currently on a diet program. Hope I see the old me in a month's time! :D

Cute straw rabbits! Fyi all the pumpkins are real and heavy! 

That women behind us is irritating. Everywhere we go to take pictures she's there with her big butt!
Pissed off leh. She runs around the place chopping the place for pictures when her friends are no where to be found yet. Sibei kiasu!
I even saw her borrowing someone's baby to take pictures! WTF.

Love this rabbit! It's so cute! Cutest thing in the exhibition!


All the different kinds of pumpkin that you seldom see in Singapore!

Yes I am very very white because I seldom go out in the day and if I need to I would always choose to go when it's raining or when it's night. Lol.
The secret to my fairness. HAHAHA. 
Too bad I'm not sparkly like Edward cullen under the sun :( 

This Clovine very enjoy the aircon. Once we stepped into the Flower Dome, she immediately wanted Hubby to carry her to sleep -.-

All the sunflowers withered/starting to wither... So sad :(

Rusty cock. 
You'll laugh if you're thinking dirty. Lol.

Her eyes lightened up only when she saw the sweets -.-

Different colours of corn!

Finally wanted to walk on her own after offering her sweets.

After Flower dome, we headed to the Cloud forest...

We headed inside the falls and Clovine immediately put her hands on her head cos she thought it was raining! Look at her stun face! So cuteeeeee!

Tired already after walking for so long.

All the expensive useless stones or rocks.

Hubby was trembling throughout the high walk. Lol. I think the high walk outside would be more scary cos its like outdoors. 

Blurry photos :/

The view in the evening is really beautiful most importantly its not hot!

Pardon the blurry photos cos my camera went out of battery and I tried my best to snap those pictures by on and off before it says "Insert full charged battery". Hahaha.

Overall, I think Marina bay sands is those "once is enough" kind of place. Nothing much and its boring. Plus I don't think its a place kids would love cos I don't think they would appreciate flowers. It would bore them to death especially boys. I can imagine the boys saying "Can we go now? How long are we gonna be here?" Lol.

Okay once is enough :)