Monday, October 1, 2012

Grandma's 71st Birthday

Pardon me for the lack of updates as I was down last week. Terrible sore throat I've got.
But being sick helps me lose weight so I wouldn't mind being sick often. Muahaha.
Pasar malam was opened last weekend at my area! So I guess I'm gonna get a few more attacks of sore throat :/

Btw I couldn't really blog last week was also because I found out my picasa storage for my blog is full and I had to pay like $2.49USD per month! Was actually deciding whether to pay or not cos its a monthly thing. In the end I reluctantly paid for the extra storage cos I really wouldn't wanna give up blogging.

So if my readers really love reading my blog, please do me a favour by clicking on my nuffnang ads/churpchurp ads as they are metered earnings! Thanks! :D

Okay so back to what we did last Sunday!
Headed Orchard to get Hubby's PS3 which he's been wanting to get but can't bear to get. Seriously it took him like a year to decide -.-"

TCC for lunch!
"Do you like my new fringe? Mummy insisted on cutting it cos it was too long but I feel like an ah toot now. " 
Had a hard time trying to get her fringe trimmed! First we took her to babyspa for her haircut but she refuses. Everytime when she sees me with scissors, she run. But that very fine afternoon, she just sits on the sofa quietly watching her cartoon and just let me cut! So I took the opportunity and quickly snip her fringe off which ended up quite a failure. TOOSHORT! LOL.

A picture of her right after her haircut with the "really you think this is nicer?" face! LOL.

This is how she smiles for the camera. It's weird that she only wants to take picture with my Camera and rejects when its my Iphone. This little girl sure knows what makes her look better O.o

They always look so cute together!

Itchy fingers always trying to touch the lens.

Hubby's sandwich. It was huge! 

My baked cheese penne! Mmmm the cheese is just so yummy!!!

It was my grandma's birthday that day so we had dinner outside with all the relatives at some fish head curry coffee shop at Toa payoh. Nothing special actually even though many people were queuing. Seriously I don't understand why the adults can't just agree to pay a little more and have dinner at a restaurant or something. Always got that one or two that disagrees. Guess that's the disadventage of having a huge family. Fyi, my grandma has 9 children! WOAH.

Ask Clovine take picture with her yiyi and she suddenly squat down for the camera. Lol.

Then the kids went crazy trying to walk on the wall really fast and Clovine wants to join!

Cake cutting time!

All the grandchildren! And Clovine is the only great grandchild! 
Used to have like only 3 grandchild only including me so as cousins we were quite close when we're young playing together. Now that we've grown up, we're like strangers. Lol. Always happens to cousins yeah? 

All the young ones trying to snatch for cutting the cake. That's a problem for having too many grandchildren. Can foresee that Clovine will join in the fight soon. LOL!

Hubby's photography standard really makes me speechless >.<

Hubby is back to being a small boy now that he's finally gotten his PS3! 
But now I think he's starting to worry I'll snatch it with him. Hahaha.
Even Clovine is starting to snatch it with him ever since she discovered that she can watch youtube on it! LOL. Poor hubby~